Thursday, October 18, 2007

Growing Up

It seems like my kids are growing up right before my very eyes. You know what I mean. You have a moment where you see them from a different perspective and realize that they are not as little as you think they are. For some strange reason I still think of my kids as little, you know, like 4 and 5. Maybe that is because that is how old they were when we moved the last time.

Yesterday I had a moment when I realized they are growing up. We needed some shoes for Tally and we were hitting the clearance rack at a local department store. The largest size in kids shoes were 4 and they were too small. We got her size 6 in ladies sandals. And that is because the 5 was too small. Did you get what I just said??? I got my 3rd grader an adult size shoe. Wow.

They are still sweet and tender at heart even though they are out growing the little girls sizes, they still love to play pretend and dress up and oh how they love their American Girl Dolls. I desire the preserve the innocent little girl stage as they appropriately mature in to young ladies. Maybe that is why Tally got so many doll clothes for her birthday. =)

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Anonymous said...

It truly goes way too fast. My baby is almost a teen. I too am trying to preserve their innocence. I am so thankful they are home with me. I see that they are not afraid to be children. I appreciate every stage so much more with my little ones because I see how terribly fast it has all gone by. When Leah was born, I litterally sat for hours staring at her. I would pray, please Lord, don't let me forget this time. Since she was born at home, I had the opportunity to lay in bed with her for the first week and just soak it all in. Now she is already a toddler. I get very emotional at the thought of them growing up. If parents only knew it is a blink.. a moment, and then they are grown.