Thursday, October 18, 2007

I've been tagged

As per request from my long time friend Courtney. (I do love these.)

Jobs I have had in my life

-homeschool teacher
-office assistant
-pre-school teacher
-youth group leader
-camp counselor

TV shows I like to watch

-The Office
-Amazing Race
-Seinfeld (reruns)

Places I have been to

-About 40 states
-San Juan Is.
-driven across the US several times (worth doing)
-Colonial Williamsburg (great vacation)

Fave Foods

-homemade pizza (every Friday night)
-good Mexican (easier to find in California)
-chef salad
-Cadbury chocolate (not the Easter eggs, but the bar with almonds)

Books I've especially appreciated lately

-Carolyn Haywood (author) children's books that I read to my kids. They are so sweet and from the 40's -70's.
-The Rest of the Gospel

Things I enjoy

-I am really loving
-General Foods International Coffee ( I mix 2 kinds every morning for a treat)
-talking on the cel to Chuck on his way home from work
-MY CHILDREN, they truly are a joy to be with
-running (one of my new passions)

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