Friday, October 26, 2007

Moving Day

Today is our big day. We just closed on the home we are selling and are on our way to close on the one we are buying. We just dropped Chuck's truck off at the new house and got a peek at the hard wood floors and it looks great. All the details have come together smoothly and we are surviving the transition. Yesterday was a huge day. We had 3 guys from DJ come and help pack the trucks. That's right...I said trucks. We filled two 24 foot Budget trucks. Plus the mattresses, bikes and leftover stuff in a trailer that we pulled behind Chuck's pickup. Pics to follow when I can get to it.

The girls are doing great and have been big helpers. We are so tired and ready for this all to be done. After sleeping on the floor last night and working hard to clean this morning, we are ready for a little down time. More guys will show up this afternoon and help unload and move in. We are so thankful for all the help. My good friend Leslie took the girls yesterday afternoon and kept them while Chuck and I drove down and back to do our walk through. We appreciate all the help that we have had durring this transition. More later when I can...

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