Monday, October 29, 2007

A new home

We moved into our new home on Friday and all the details went well. We closed on both homes and we are so grateful that the next chapter has started. No more house on the market, no more having the house perfect, no more long commute for Chuck. We changed that all for unpacking boxes and finding the right place to put things.

And speaking of things...we have way too much. It took 2 trucks to move our things and lots of help from the great guys at DJ. After 3 nights in our new home it is starting to look more and more like home. We still have to paint and do some work in the kitchen and the master bath, but it is going well. The girls love their new rooms and they look so cute. We are trying to get the guest house ready for Friday, when my parents arrive to help. I have a list of things for them to work on. In the mean time, we are so glad to be here and are enjoying this next chapter in our lives.

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