Thursday, November 1, 2007

Feeling Settled

We are doing well and trying to settle into this house. I have spent the last few days cleaning tile. We replaced all the carpet and put in hard wood in the LR and FR but we are trying to save the tile in the kitchen and entry and eating area. My new appliances come tomorrow and we can get our gas oven hooked up next week, so we are eating a lot of toast and sandwiches until my kitchen is ready.

I am trying to get the girls rooms settled first, so they feel more at home. I got curtains up yesterday in Tissy's room and it is looking cute. My parents come tomorrow to help me and my dad can help with shelves so we can put toys away. I also need some shelves in the school room so we can start school again soon. I got the guest house (above the garage) ready and they should be comfortable while they are here. Each day is baby steps to get it all done. One box at a time. I will try and do pics later.

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Anonymous said...

It is a HUGE job. I have not forgotten. If you are like me, I want it all done ASAP!