Tuesday, November 20, 2007

$4 and 10 years later

Today I took a trip down memory lane. I was painting these 2 little dressers for the guest house and I was remembering when I bought them almost 10 years ago for storage in our nursery. I picked them up at a yard sale for $2 a piece. At their origin, they were the side drawers on a desk and someone cut them apart. I first painted them navy and put them on each side of the changing table. Then as the girls got older I painted the drawers red and used them as part of a vanity I made in a closet. When we move and the girls rooms changed colors, I painted them white and made them back into a desk with a purple top. Then we changed Tally's room around about a year ago and she needed a bedside stand and one of them turned into that. As we prepared to move to our current home, I didn't know if we would even need those little dressers, but I brought them anyway. Now they are painted a colonial red and used as night stands next to the guest bed.

Somehow those little stands have provided more than, just storage. They have been been part of how our family has changed and they are full of memories. They are even more special to me than if I had paid full price at a nice furniture store.


Anonymous said...

I love things like that. I have MANY items like that in my house. In fact almost everything we own :?)

Lee & Bev Hotchkiss said...

The "apple doesn't fall far from the tree," does it Cris? I guess we'll always be scavengers - Praise God for His provision for us - what ever the situation! Love Mom