Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Day of Thanks

How can I let Thanksgiving roll around and not post on what I am thankful for? Here is a shortened list (so you still have time to go and fix all that food for your family).

-I am thankful for freedom. Both in our country and religious freedom. What a blessing to be an American and what a blessing to be a Christian.

-I am thankful for good health. For me and my family. The girls are so healthy and I am go grateful for that.

-I am thankful for friends. Both old and new. Online and in the neighborhood.

-I am thankful that our family is all together. In this day, that is a success on it's own. And that we are closer to Chuck's work so we can spend more time together.

-I am thankful to be a Mom. Something I longed for and God blessed me with.

-I am thankful to be married to my best friend. Someone who loves me and accepts me and supports me.

-I am thankful for my family. What a wonderful support they are to me.

-I am thankful for our new home. That God preserved it for us and provided a buyer for our old one. I love this peaceful tranquil setting to raise our children. An absolute gift from God.

-I am thankful for growth. That I am growing as a person and as a follower of Christ. I desire to please him in all I do and to respond in the best way in ALL circumstances.

What a great country. To have a day set aside to spend time as a family and ponder all we have to be positive about.

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