Thursday, November 15, 2007

Customer Service Part 2

I have started shopping at my "new" Publix since we moved. You know how you get used to your local store? You know where everything is. You know what brands they carry and if you need to find something quickly it is easy. My local Publix doesn't carry a few things that I was able to find in the last store. I have hunted around and can't find these things anywhere here. So...I thought I would ask the checker if I could request certain items. She was so helpful and happy to help me out. The bagger walked with me to the customer service desk and waited while I made my request. They said they would special order these items and if they were not good sellers on the shelves, they would keep them in back just for me. I was so impressed with the great customer service. They seemed so happy to keep me as a customer and I really appreciated that. I am beginning to understand that I value good customer service. In this day when there are so many choices and we can shop at so many different places, it is nice to know that my purchase still means something to some places.

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