Monday, November 5, 2007


I think we have entered a new kind of stage...I think we are country folk. Understand what I mean, not "red neck" and not "white trash", but Country Folk. Our new home is on 2 1/2 acres and we have lots of trees and land and a garden and even an old chicken coop (minus the chickens). We are about 10 min. from town and there isn't too much around beside the quickie mart about 1 mile down the road. Every time we show up at Lowes for more home repair things (it seems like daily), I notice that we are looking a bit like we were ridden hard and put away wet. =) On our way into Lowes today, I noticed that Tristen hadn't brushed her hair and still had yesterdays pony tails in (which hadn't been combed after she went swimming).

The best example of being country folk, is when I saw Chuck driving down the street on his new John Deer lawn tractor, heading for a lemonade stand with both girls danglin' off the tractor. Not to mention the girls were both wearing their swim suits. It would have pushed us into the "white trash" zone if the girls were wearing cowboy boots with those swim suits and if Chuck had a beer in his hand.

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Anonymous said...

Funny stuff! We love country folk.