Thursday, November 29, 2007

This picture tells a lot

This picture of the girls getting ready to Trick or Treat tells a lot. If you are observant, you would notice so many things. Let me point some out. For my sanity, I ordered these cute costumes from Vision Forum this year. Notice the old counter top, old drawer pulls and old tile floor. Notice the stack of boxes in the corner of the dining room (it took me weeks to find places for all this stuff in a great house with no storage options). Notice the great beautiful rug we had just bought, trying to cover up the icky tile and the brick trying to hold it down and prevent it from rolling up again.

Not only is this a Halloween picture, it is a bit of a before picture. I love those before and after pictures. I still don't have too many after pictures. They are still to come. In a few weeks when the floors are done I will post them.

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Christine said...

What great costumes.