Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Customer Service Part 1

I have learned a lot about customer service over the past few weeks. Getting our new home set up and having to hire different companies for a variety of services has been eye opening. Let's start with the positive. I hired Rainbow Play-set to come and remove our play-set from our old yard and store it for a few weeks until we were ready to have it reinstalled at our new location. They were accommodating when I changed my mind of when I wanted the set brought back. And when they put it in, they didn't complain about me wanting to switch it around and have the swings come off the other side. When they were here, they did a warranty inspection and have ordered the new wood that needs to be replaced due to normal wear. The installer did tell me that it would cost us to have Rainbow come out and repair the wood, but the cost of the wood was under warranty.

Then to my surprise, Jack from Rainbow called the next day and said the wood was ordered and as a gesture of gratitude of me being a good customer, they would install the wood at no cost to me. Now that is great customer service. I am pleased that they value faithful customers and am thrilled that not only is the wood under warranty, they will install it at no cost to us.

Now, you say...where is part 2? You will have to come back for that next time. As they say in TV, to be continued.

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Christy said...

Chris, remember as long as the sheets on the bed are clean, the rest is just "stuff"