Monday, October 15, 2007

Trials vs. Temptations

A pastor at our church is just starting a study on the book of James. Yesterday was a message from the first chapter and he introduced the idea of the difference of trials and temptations. At first they didn't sound very different. But after examining that trials are the struggles in life that bring you closer to God and make you more Christlike and how temptations are things that when given into draw you away from the deep relationship with God. This all made me think...I truly am grateful for the trials. Any type of a transition or struggle in our life or difficulty is an opportunity to grow. God cares enough about me as his child that he wants me to mature. Just like I want my own kids to grow and mature. I take comfort in knowing that all these hard times are for my own good. And I have the chance to cling to him and respond in the right way and pass the test. Flee the temptation and embrace the trial. =)

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