Thursday, February 7, 2008

Behind the scenes...the battle continues

If you have followed the blog, you have noticed me mention that work for Chuck has been difficult lately. I deeply desire to be a helper to him and encourage him in any way I can. I lift him up in prayer every day. I am claiming scripture for him. Helping him "debrief" when he gets home. What ever I can do, which doesn't seem like much.

The other day a wrote a long email with lots of truth from the book of Daniel (what I am studying in Precepts) to encourage him. I was listing all the things I have learned about God in this study. To name a few...
  • God grants favor and compassion (1:9)
  • God gives knowledge, intelligence, wisdom and understanding (1:17)
  • God controls time (2:21)
  • God knows the future (2:45)
  • God is the reveal-er of mysteries (2:47)

Well...I sent him this great encouraging email and I never heard from him. Finally when he got home I asked if he got the email. He never got it. I couldn't even find it in my sent emails. It just disappeared. Now if you ask me, that is part of the spiritual battle. I am beginning to see how much goes on behind the scenes. It is a great reminder to cover everything in prayer.


Tiffany said...

That's crazy! I will be praying for your husband. God reigns and will triumph!

Susan said...

What great truths to remember for God's word!! We are praying for God to continue to lead and guide Chuck personally and your family too.

Annie said...

Isn't that odd when that happens? I had it happen recently.... I just can't imagine what happened. But I agree with you that Satan works in frightening ways. I appreciate the Russian view that there are "imps of Satan" just as there are angels. Scary idea, but makes so much sense....