Sunday, February 3, 2008

Highlights of the week

I wanted to share some pictures of the highlights of the week. If you caught me on Monday, you saw it wasn't a great day, and my fear of the beginning of a bad week. But as the week wore on...I became even more determined to focus on the positives. I think I am beginning to understand that my perspective and attitude have so much of an effect on how life turns out. I have the ability to focus on the positive things in life. *To cling to those things.* I am not the only one in the world that has struggles. In fact, my struggles are mild compared to some.

So, I got some perspective, and the week turned out great. My dear friend Leslie came and drove an hour to visit with me and the kids. We had a great time together (despite some ant bites on the kids). The girls were so blessed to have some familiar friends to play with.

We had an educational time at a field trip with a new homeschool group. Learned about habitats and enjoyed the great outdoors. I was able to get to know some of these families and begin to foster new friendships.

I believe strongly in taking advantage of the area that you are in and making the most of it. This field trip was at a local nature center and it is a wonderful resource. A hidden place that I had never heard of before. So glad we ventured out of our comfort zone and took a chance.


Christine said...

I agree with your comment about taking advantage of what is around you. In California we have so much available.

Anonymous said...

Glad your week turned out good. We spent time with friends too and it helped a lot!

twyska said...

Looks like you have lots of opportunities for fun field trips! Out here in KS, it sometimes seems very limited.

Susan said...

Sounds fun. Check out those Wet lands while you can Miss Florida. Glad you had fun with a friend.

5Gustos said...

I'm glad you came to visit the nature preserve with us, and I'm really glad you and the girls are in our homeschool group! I know when we moved to this county (from about an hour's drive away) it seemed like a different country. But it's all good. It just took some time. We're SO glad we came up this way.