Monday, January 28, 2008

Is it just me???

My mind is all over the place this Monday morning.
  • I wake up regretting that I didn't grocery shop yesterday. I didn't even get milk.
  • Chuck pressure washed the pool deck and sidewalks this weekend. It looks great but magnifies more things we need to do. (paint the pool deck and house)
  • I should have gotten farther in the laundry this weekend. The pile seems to have grown overnight.
  • We now have a "clink" sound. Along with our beep. Somewhere in the bathroom area. Could it be a pipe and water??? Is it the house just having a party somewhere? Or is it trying to tell us something?
  • I am still waiting for some school books that should have already arrived in the mail. Do I press on with out them?
  • We need to finish the 10,000 projects that we have already started because I have a million more to add to the list. (OK, OK, a little exaggerated)
  • Should I let the girls continue to grow out the bangs??? They are driving me nuts. The cute hair stage is long gone and the rag-a-muffin look is here to stay.
  • Is Chuck's job ever not going to monopolize our life???
  • Will we ever fit in at a church?
  • How com January is the slowest month ever???

Is it just me, or do you think of random misc. thoughts on a Monday morning too?


Anonymous said...

I feel like I went down the list and could check off each one for us too. I am with you! It seems the list is ALAWYS growing.

Chuck said...

NO! It's not just you! =(


Christy said...

Listen, I'm right there with you. Only my list involves a move this weekend and sending Mark off for a week of "fun" in New Hampshire as soon as the trucks arrive in GA. Fortunately no bang problems here :)

Kara said...

The rag-a-muffin stage won't last too long.You'll be glad you didn't take out the scissors and hack them off. Mondays can be overwhelming. Look forward to Tues.

crispy said...

Your responses inspire me. Encourage me and make me feel like I am not alone.

Kara, Thanks for taking the time to sign up to post. I love it.


Christine said...

It's all of us Cris!

Lee & Bev Hotchkiss said...

We just made our list of things we have to finish this week. It seems overwhelming as well. More noises? mmmmm! God knows your list too and He will help you get through it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Package on the way -a blast from the past for you to share with the girls. I love you. Mom

Susan said...

Hey, we are with ya! Everyday I don't get done 1/2 of what I have visions of. Be glad about the little things that get done, they are really BIG dinner made and the house straighted up. We are feeling tired and a little behind and overwhelmed with things that need to be done before we leave in June. Just keep plugging away.