Friday, January 11, 2008


I have spent the last 2 days working in the garage. I first sorted our things that stay in storage...Christmas, memory, china, sports...Let's just say again we have too much stuff.

Today I have tackled the WORK BENCH. That is total MAN ZONE. I am sorting through tool boxes and such. Even boxes of things that the previous owners left for us (how nice of them). I feel like I should be on one of those Messy Makeover shows on HGTV.

I am trying to be a blessing to Chuck. He has had a super hard week at work and he has been meaning to get the garage sorted since we moved. He wants to get a peg board up and get it all organized. Hopefully this will help him out. Now we should have no excuse for not finding the tools we need.

If you have ever read about 5 languages of love than you would understand that one of my love languages is acts of service.


Anonymous said...

Mine is totally acts of service!!

Permission to Mother said...

Looks like my garage and HOUSE! I actually was working on the mess last weekend. I went on a spree cleaning (my husband feared I was full-term) and this weekend looking around the house I feel well acomplished. I guest might not know the difference, though.

Will you post on your compost activities?


crispy said...

Sure I will post on the compost. I have started it at the worst time of the year though. It needs the heat in order to decompose the best.


Christine said...

It's not quality time? :)

You are a good wife. I would probably be more apt to let my husband clean his own messy garage.

Susan said...

Hey what a NICE wife, organizing the garage. It is always a pain to organize stuff, but I love to have it clean and accessable. I thought you were "quality time". Mom is "acts of service", huh?

crispy said...

Notice I said ONE of mine was acts of service. I am also quality time and words of encouragement.


Lee & Bev Hotchkiss said...

I think I want all 5! I must be high maintenance! I giggled at the piles of wrenches, ratchets and screw drivers. Does he really need all those? Yea - probably like we need all those stamps for making cards or scrap book materials! Love you lots! Mom