Monday, January 7, 2008

What replenishes you?

Some years ago a friend asked me that question and it still is with me today. What replenishes you? I love that word, REPLENISH. Fills you up. Makes you anew. Maybe it is a combination of things. Or maybe what replenishes you changes depending on why you feel depleted.

For me, I feel replenished after completing something. Sometimes I need time alone with just me and quiet (for a little while). So...what replenishes you?


twyska said...

My most recent experience of feeling replenished was last week. I spent 2 days cleaning and organizing the house. Since being pregnant and just doing what I could to stay above water it felt so nice! It's sometimes funny what replenishes you at different times.

Susan said...

Lots of things "replentish" me...quality, couple time with Tim doing something we enjoy, reading to the boys a book I like, good talks with JT on the phone, praise music and reading God's word when it hits me right where I am at and I KNOW God is realler that Life!! Also, Time by myself to just read and listen to music and drink tea (Tim gave me a night by myself tonight to stay at a friend's (whose away) house. We have all been cooped up in our living room (only warm room in the house) the last 3 weeks. So I am thankful for a little space to breath.

crispy said...

I also love, school supplies, pictures...organizing and sorting.

T, must be a nesting thing for the pregnancy. Congrats by the way. So happy for you.


Lee & Bev Hotchkiss said...

Church last Sunday replenished me. The music led my heart to worship and I so enjoyed praising God and thanking Him for all He is and for all I have in Him! I realized recently what DEPLETES me is any kind of tension -people that are unhappy - trying to keep "all the ping pong balls under water."

C&M Peters said...

Good report on Tissy. I woke up at 1:30AM thinking about her health.
Turned on the computer and there was the great Peters Peapod telling me things were just fine.
Enjoy your notes.

Anonymous said...

Joel bought me a membership to the YMCA, and I'm trying to go or work out at home every day. It really refreshes me to sweat (seems contradictory).

Being an introvert, I need time to myself every once in a while. I can be with the kids, Joel, my Mom, friends for a while...but eventually if I don't get by myself I start to get cranky. I don't even need to leave the house-just rocking on the front porch and looking at nature can do the trick. Of course, a trip out shopping by lonesome doesn't hurt either!

Annie said...

My gosh! You ask some incredibly good questions!

watching Masterpiece Theatre with no interruptions
being alone in the house
not having to get up at a certain time