Monday, January 21, 2008

Brain Teaser

I love games. Our school room has a big closet full of them. My favorite ones are the kind that you don't find at the local Toys R Us or Target. I will often order them from catalogs when I am ordering some other homeschool supplies.

My Mom has mentioned that as they get older, how it seems to be important to stretch their minds and try new things. I just heard that a great way to do this is to try brushing your teeth with your other hand (mine would be the left). I love learning new things. Challenging myself.

I have noticed how important it is to teach my kids how to think. Not just the right answer, but logic and thought process. We do a lot of this through games, or story problems or even "game shows". Chuck will play "game show" with them as he is tucking them into bed. Asks them to name different kinds of cereal, or tells them 4 items and asks which one doesn't belong. These things make them think.
I love this game called Rush Hour. You have to move the ice cream truck off the street as you move the cars around. Again, it makes you think. Anything that clears out the cobwebs and gets our thinker working again.


Lee & Bev Hotchkiss said...

You go, girl! So glad you are a "thinker." Yep, Lee tried recording a radio program on the computer and sending it - which really stretched him. I reminded him of of our family mission statement "to be on the cutting edge - ever learning and growing. We don't always conquer - but we "gotta keep tryin" Hope you'r feeling better.

Chuck said...

The girls have loved playing "Game Show" at bedtime. I told them no more "scripted" stories until the writer's strike is over. =)

Last night I had them name as many states as they could. Tristen got 13, Tally named 23. Not too bad.

Another fav is "which one doesn;t belong & why" -- Try it: Hair Dryer, Leaf Blower, Vaccuum Cleaner, Fan. -- It's fun because there could be several different answers depending on your reasoning.




Anonymous said...

My friend Kristen gave me these ideas for games.
-Gobblet (strategy)
-Presto-Chango (money, making change)
-Mastermind (problem solving)
-Hangman (problem solving and spelling)

twyska said...

Right now we like Rush Hour and Gobblet. We just got Cat and Mouse and it's not easy. Someone has recently recommended Blokus to us as a good game too.

It's nice when there's a game that kids and adults can both enjoy together.

Susan said...

Tim is great about playing games with the kids...we have a closet that is busting of challenging games that make them think, plan and strategize. Usually I am too tired to play and want to veg, not think too much. I go for Dominoes. ha ha

Elle J said...

Rush Hour is a fantastic game!! My kids love it too.