Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

We are totally enjoying this cute and quaint downtown. It is only about 12 min. from our house. We went by after church today and checked out a local eatery. Yummy food and fun shopping.

Are these my girls??? When did they grow up to be such beautiful ladies?


Lee & Bev Hotchkiss said...

How you had time to finish your grocery shopping and then put up a new posting on your blog - is beyond me. I'v begun looking into how to begin our blog - not quite ready - but am working on it. Need to take more pictures, I guess. Love ya! Mom

Susan said...

Looks like fun. We'll have to have a tour when we come visit. Hey mom, just start with 1 or 2 picures for your blog. It doesn't have to be fancy to top quality or for ministry...just do a family blog. Any update it when you can, even 1x a month or week is fine. I think we will try to work on our "ministry" blog now. Cris, you are quite the trend setter in our you guys.

Susan said...

I love the girls longer hair. It is so cute and girly. I am into long hair lately. They are cute.