Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let it be known...

I have been challenged to think about what I stand for. What are the principles that I believe in? What is the line that I am not willing to cross? What is the determining factor in my life? Where will I not compromise?

Let it be known... that this is who I am. Deeply devoted to my Maker. Grateful for a loving spouse. I am not willing to compromise in my parenting. Always desiring to do the right thing. Passionate about quality. High value in leadership.

I feel like I am taking a chance putting it all on the line. Not hiding behind the fear of offending someone.

It is a bit like that question, "What do you want people to remember you by?" I love to ponder things like this. To challenge myself to be more authentic. More Christ-like.

I am not sure I have the exact answer, but this is what my heart and mind are thinking about today.


steffany said...

Why is it we sometimes feel we need to somehow apologize for what we stand for?
I love your boldness, your firm foundation definitely shines:)

Tiffany said...

Thank you for sharing this...made me think about my own "Let it be known..."

Shaleen said...

Cris, I would expect no less of you. As long as I have known you, 10ish years, you have always spoken the truth. You have always stood for what is right, true and pure. It is much easier for us to deal with people when we know where they stand. Thank you for being one of those transparent people in my life. I know that you will never change. YOU GO GIRL!

Susan said...

I am sure God is using your light to shine as you share His TRUTH.