Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's finally coming together

We only moved into this house about 3 1/2 months ago. We have been major busy trying to make it our own and also do some much needed updating. The last house we had we fixed it up just to sell it. Not this time. I am grateful to enjoy some of the remodeling.

Here we have some before and during pictures. This is what it looked like when we started. Pedestal sinks, cute but where do you store your things. No place for even a hair brush. I am a pretty basic gal, but I do like a little drawer for my beauty things. =)

We redid the tile, put in a vanity and after much waiting got a counter top. We have a friend who has helped with the plumbing and electric. Both our parents also helped on this big job. Only a few more things to do, but we can now use it to brush our teeth and get ready in the morning.

After months of getting ready out of cardboard boxes, this is such a blessing to me.

Ooo La La, a jetted tub is the best on some sore muscles after a hard day. I wanted to post these pictures to show the progress to our family that lives far away. It is finally coming together now.


Permission to Mother said...

I enjoy seeing your families creativity.


Anonymous said...

You have great taste and a great eye for decorating!!! You could give me a tip ot two!

Susan said...

Looks great!! I soak in your fancy tub sounds relaxing...are you using it lots? I know you guys have done a lot of work on it. Now you can enjoy it...and get your hair brush easier!!

Anonymous said...

It looks awesome, Cris! The boys and I would love to come for a visit someday!


crispy said...


We would love to have you come and visit. Any time you are up for it.

Miss you all.

(when I went to post your comment the blogger site was all in Chinese or Japanese...crazy)


Christine said...

Everything looks great! Enjoy the tub!