Monday, November 9, 2009

Praying for our children

I desire to pray more for my children. Not just a prayer for their health and for them to have a good day. But I desire to pray for their spiritual walk. For their relationship with God. Their influence on others. For their future spouse. Pray that they would be an example on others. For their purity.

I found a book on praying for your children and I made cards to keep next to the breakfast nook. I try and pray over these cards each morning as I have a cup of tea and read my Bible. I love how these prayers come from scripture and help me to focus on what is worthy as I lift up my family before the Almighty God. Especially as I have been praying for our new child (ren). Since I don't know names or ages or gender or circumstances, I pray for God to be working in their life even now.

I am so thankful for the prayers of friends and family. I know our parents pray every day for our children and we are so thankful to have prayer warriors that lift us up. God is faithful and He hears our prayers and His will is what we desire.

Another one of my favorite resources is the "Praying for our Children" calendar. (HERE) It is worth printing out and putting some place you see every day.


Lea Whittaker said...

I just printed that calendar. What a great tool! Thanks for the encouragement through your example. I am thankful for parents and grandparents that prayed for me.

Julie said...

Great thoughts! I just printed the calendar too!

Sandee said...

I echo your focus in praying for your children. The passionate prayer of a righteous "momma" is powerful and effective! :)

I have been so concerned over this present season we are in, with my kids, that I committed to praying 5 times a day....Iput a reminder...when I wake up, when I walk into the building at work, at lunch, when I walk out of work, when I go to bed.

I like Stormie Omaritan's book, Power of a Praying has some good scriptures and prayers in it as well.


marilyn said...

Yes grandma and grandpa pray for our precious girls every day and for the new comer also.

Tim and Susan said...

I LOVE that calendar and have used it often...especially when JT was away at school. I would often write in his almost daily postcard the very thing I was praying for him for that day.

I am so thankful too for praying parents. What a blessing and heritage!!!