Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Give this Christmas Away

We got a fun little surprise last week in church. Matthew West came in (as a surprise) to sing a his new Christmas song. I had not heard it before, but it seems to fit our Christmas this year perfectly.

Please PLEASE PLEASE watch this video and let the lyrics sink deep into your soul. Take it to heart and allow the message to make a difference in how you spend your Christmas.

It's feeding the hungry
serving the poor

It's telling the orphan
"You're not forgotten anymore"


Rachael said...

The kids and I just watched this and now they're teasing me because I got all teary eyed (but they're asking if we can make some more boxes this weekend - Jack and Katya's class did this at school for their Thanksgiving party.)

Karen said...

Love this song!!! Our "giving tree" starts this week.. great song to go with it!

Elle J said...

Beautiful song, and video.

K-Sue said...

I'm glad you posted this. What a good song, and a good challenge.

Stacia said...

I want to go to church with you. Part of our girls' Christmas each year is a gift from St. Nicholas and it's $20 to spend in the Sam. Purse catalog, choosing something for a child in need. They also get a small gift for themselves... last year a book about St. Nicholas from Voice of the Martyrs and this year it's the St. Nicholas Veggie Tales DVD. I'm sure that I will grow to love this song even more as we watch it over and over and over again. Hey Karen, what is the giving tree?