Monday, November 16, 2009

Preparing for the holidays

I am sure you are all getting ready to prepare for the holidays. I am so thankful that we will not be moving, or trying to sell a home, or packing a truck or taking daddy back to the airport this holiday season. We were in such a transition period of our life last year and I am so very thankful that we can focus on the holiday and all that it really means. I am looking forward to our season of advent this year as we prepare our hearts for what Christmas is all about.

I am so thankful that we will be able to see my sister and her family for Thanksgiving. We will have a full house and I know the kids will really enjoy having the cousins around. It will be such a treat to celebrate Thanksgiving with them 2 years in a row.

I am so thankful that our paper chase part of the adoption is under our belt. We are now officially on a waiting list and we will use this time to enjoy our family as it is now and prayerfully prepare for what it will become. Our waiting list numbers are on the adoption blog - click on the peapod to get there.

We are leaning toward spending our Christmas shopping money on gifts for those that really need it. I know many families try and find something to do at Christmas to bless others. We will most likely buy gifts for native missionaries or families through GOSPEL FOR ASIA (HERE). We have done this before and I would love to encourage you to find something like this to spend part of your shopping budget on.

Also, just thought I would ask for ideas of your favorite holiday traditions that you enjoy with your family. I am looking into doing the Jesse Tree (HERE) this year and would also like to hear what ideas you would like to share.


Hevel said...

My Vhristian adoptive family had a tradition of starting to read a chapter a day of Luke on December 1, and finishing up with the resurrection on Christmas Eve: the Resurrection is what gave all that special meaning to that birth.

Anonymous said...

That is funny, because just last night in my search online for advent devotions, I had decided to do a Jesse tree this year.

Great minds!!

Annie said...

I forgot to share my favorite one on facebook - the one we probably enjoy the most. We use the creche, and I was careful to buy one that had the baby Jesus separate from the creche, itself. On the First Sunday of Advent we put the creche out on the sideboard. Everything is there - all the animals, but no people. Meanwhile, from a far corner of the living room, Mary and Joseph are starting their journey. Every day of Advent one of the kids moves them incrementally around the house, coming closer to the creche. They don't arrive until Christmas Eve. And on Christmas Day the baby Jesus has arrived, too. The children put out the shepherds. Meanwhile the Three Kings get to start their trip across the room, arriving on Twelfth Night/Epiphany.

Hevel - I LIKE that idea!

Tim and Susan said...

We have a little "manger" (actually just a mini-wood box about the size of a match box)and we add "hay" (wood shavings) each day, then on Christmas morning I slip "Baby Jesus" (a little wrapped piece of paper with a face) in it and the kids are excited that baby Jesus is there.

Anonymous said...

I spent some free time yesterday looking online for information on doing a Jesse tree. A quick Google search brought up many links to printable devotions (with Scripture readings) and ideas for how to make your own Jesse tree ornaments. That's what we're going with. I'm really excited to start at Genesis and follow God's story of redemption for us through the Bible. I see this as a new tradition for our family.