Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We have been BUSY !!!

We have been so busy and trying to squeeze everything in these past few days. Chuck has been working round the clock on a big video shoot for the past week. He is beyond tired. The girls and I helped him out on Saturday at his shoot. Needless to say, it was fascinating. I loved watching him in action, directing and organizing all the chaos. He does such a great job and it was a treat to be involved.

God provided the money we needed to press ahead on the dossier and we have been busy trying to get those documents done and notarized (click the peapod for updates). It is a paper chase. We spent most of yesterday in the car going from office to office getting the last few things done. It is amazing to see God's mighty hand at work in all of this.

We have had construction workers in the house for almost a week working on our bathroom floor and shower. There has been a major leak and water has built up and caused a mess. I can't get into my closet so I have been wearing the same outfit for days. =)

I am teaching my portion of our keepers group today and we are taking a field trip of sorts to the library to learn about the organization system that is used there. I am also working with a friend on a junior naturalists club that we formed this fall. We have that meeting on Thursday and I need to squeeze in preparing for that lesson. I have left it all to the last minute. I hate that about myself.

We finished our last class of education on Monday night for our adoption training. Glad to have it done, but we have learned so much and appreciated all the education we have been able to take part in. My mom has faithfully helped us out with watching the girls all those Monday nights as we have had to travel to the "city" to take these classes. We are SO thankful for the support.

So...all that to say, my house is a MESS. With running in every direction, I haven't had the time to get it cleaned, or put away, or hardly made a meal for my family. I will be happy to have all the paper chasing done before the holidays approach. My sister and her family will be here for Thanksgiving and I can't wait for that. It will be such a treat to get together again.

In the spirit of keeping it real. A tiny peak at the mess around here.

When you don't sort through the mail in days, it can really pile up. Working on our paper work for the dossier.

I haven't been able to get to my closet and put any clothes away. So...they just keep piling up.


steffany said...

Sounds pretty busy!
Wahooo-you are moving froward.

Jen said...

Hey, kiddo - looks like my house on a CLEAN day! LOL! It's for a good cause! :)

Julie said...

I love the keeping it real posts! It still looks pretty neat and organized to me. You're busy doing such wonderful and amazing things!

Tim and Susan said...

I hate when I am so busy running around that my house and family "suffer" and in the long run it stresses me out too. I've realized when I am "home" then I can stay on top of things, whether it's laundry or piles or making sure we have food on the table. I hear ya....hope once all this paper work is done you can have a bit of a breather to be "home"....can't wait till we are there. SO exciting!!!

adopted1 said...

To everything there is a season...I think there are seasons for mess too! You are obviously doing the important tasks - schooling your girls, preparing for an additional family member and supporting your husband's efforts. Wow! Well done! Blessings, Jennifer

Lee and Bev said...

You know, Cris, we call this "organizing the chaos!"