Thursday, February 26, 2009

any ideas?

We close on our home tomorrow and I have been thinking about window treatments. I am looking for ideas on a few rooms. This is new construction and we get to start at the beginning with window treatments. Here is the family room. (click on the picture to enlarge it)Notice the trim above the windows. It doesn't lend itself to a topper and I think most widow treatments would take away from that beautiful trim. I was thinking roman shades. Any other ideas?

The other room that has me stumped is Tally's bedroom. She has a little sitting room off to the side that has the arched window. I don't have a picture that shows the traditional window but that is to the left of the arched window. I can put blinds up but that little arch will not be covered (which isn't the end of the world). I don't like those arched looking blinds. Not quite my style. Thoughts on treatments for this room? The two windows need to coordinate but not sure if they can match because they are different shaped windows.

Just looking for input on these windows. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I have no ideas for window treatments, but I have lots to say about your new house. WOW! Is this the house that you described as having big "WOW" factor when you walk in the door? Because this one sure does! You'll have such fun decorating this home (I know I would!). Congratulations on your new home.

Anonymous said...

For the window with the arch you could do the shades that start at the bottom and go up. I am sure you could get them to match the regular window in that room.

It looks like a beautiful home.

Cindy Agnew

Rachael said...

Oh, man, I envy you your nice, NEW, clean house. I love it when everything is fresh.

I like the roman shade idea. I think that would even be nice in your daughter's room. Does she need total darkness? 'Cause I think it would look really cute to do a roman shade on the lower half or 2/3 of the window and leave the arch open. Then, on the other window, you could either do a matching full roman shade, or you could do a 1/2 or 2/3 one and but a cooridinating long pull aside curtain over it.

Be sure to show us the after!

And, have fun moving. I don't envy you that part. :)

Susan said...

Too bad you can't just leave them as is!! They are SO beautiful, you hate to mess 'em up with curtains....but I know you need privacy too. Hmmmm? Sorry I am not the one to ask. You could always plant a big, bushy tree in front of them...and then you can leave them as is. (smile)
Like I said...I am NOT the one to ask.

Leisa said...

I think you could use white plantation wood shutters in the living room and that way you are not taking wawy anything from the molding. I think they attach to the window.

As for tally's room maybe an decorative rod above the arch that she could pull closed or open that would cover or frame the whole window. you could put decorative tiebacks so when it's open it doesn't obscure the window?

The house looks wonderful, not much longer now, and you will be nice and settled.

Smith Schoolhouse said...

I love the plantation shutter idea fort he living area! And they add value to your home right away because they are a fixture.

The arched window- I like the idea of leaving the arch open to the light and then just concentration on the bottom 3/4 and treating it however you treat the traditional window on the other side of the room. Maybe roman shades set into the window with a long piece of material (not sure what you call it) that is draped across the top corners.

I like to get ideas from JCPenney. They always have good pictures and a lot of their stuff can be duplicated inexpensively by creative people like you.

DebiH. said...

My daughter also has an arched window in her room. We have the wider style blinds there but the arch is not covered. Her bedroom faces the east and she gets sunshine very early in the morning! If Tissy is an early riser she would love it:) It doesn't really need to be covered unless the light is a problem. We have a decorative rod at the top of the blinds with a valance there just for color.

K-Sue said...

Arch: I do not like dealing with arched windows. Ours in front are "eyebrow," and you may remember it has taken me 4 years to get something that closes in the DR. I agree with the ladies who say that if the sun is not a concern, just span the rectangular portion with blinds. Then if later you want you could add a rod up high with a panel that just pulls to one side.

Family Room: Those are beautiful windows. I agree that they ae so pretty and so substantial that a big sweep of curtain would be too much and not in keeping with your style. Consider how often you want full versus partial privacy and shading before you put up Roman shades, which would look beautiful, but limit your options.

Julie said...

Don't have any great ideas, but I love your new house and am so happy for you guys!! Enjoy, it's been a long wait!

Cheryl said...

those windows are gorgeous! the first thing I though was leave them bare, after that unless total privacy is a must... what about simple shears with inset rod (sill permitting) that can draw towards the wall (with or without unobtrusive tie-backs) on each side that will still still give the appearance of being one focal point instead of separate windows. I love plantation shutters but will they be busy with the window panes? It seems there's such a pretty view there.

I like the idea of leaving the arch open unless darkness is a need.

Cheryl said...

PS... it looks beautiful!

Marilyn said...

One of our houses had windows that were attratively shaped. We had too much sun though. Went to the auto store and bought some stuff that you darken car windows with and it was great. It comes in cuttable sheets. If the windows are thermo-pane though, you cannot do that.

Enjoy the move. Hope you have some extra hands to help you today. I remember the Ocala move when we marked off the boxes that came on the truck. Then Roberta putting everything away in the kitchen.

We are kind of moving today. Getting two bedrooms carpeted so they have been emptied.
It is like Spring cleaning!

Christine said...

What a beautiful home Crispy! Enjoy the view until you move in and then it will come to you!

Elle J said...

I like the wood shutter idea for your family room and Rachael's idea for your daughter's room.

Beautiful Home!! I would enjoy seeing more pictures before/after you move in.

ENJOY ~ what a happy time!! :)

mommy g said...

Hey, Cris,
I would vote for nothing on the front room windows unless you have to cover them. And for Tally's room, I would use vinyl plantation shutters on the bottom of the arched window and not worry about the arch above. My mom did this same thing in her house, and it really does work fine.
And I say WOW! I want to see your house in person!
Love you guys!

steffany said...

call me weird, but I love them the way they are.

Permission to Mother said...

I will enjoy watching how you decorate. My walls are still white, so I won't leave advice.