Sunday, February 1, 2009

Living in the land of skunks

I think our new state has a plethora of skunks. We keep finding them on the road after they have "met their Maker" when we are driving down the road. So far we haven't hit one and I am not looking forward to the day we do. Pee-U.


Randi Sue said...

It is like that where my mom and dad live. They live in the foothills of the Blueridge.

fitncrafty said...

What irony that you say that today. Last night we just watched a documentary all about skunks.
There was a amazing amount of stuff to learn about they.
They are adorable babies... However it said that if you are driving in a car towards them, they will spray but not run away, hence why so many are on the roads I guess!

Julie said...

I actually like the skunk smell.

Cheryl said...

they were all around in farm country NC when I was a girl. My grandpa would always point it out... he called them polecats, "hmmm...dead polecat somewhere" he'd say as we were riding down the road... I remember the smell very well!