Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a Tissy funny

During our dinner tonight as we discussed the beginning of lent tomorrow.

Tissy: What came first, Lent or Adlent?

Mommy:(slightly confused) Adlent? Do you mean Advent? It's Advent, not Adlent.

It makes a little bit of sense though, Advent as we prepare for Christmas (HERE). And Lent as we prepare for Easter. At least she understands that they both are a season of preparing our hearts.

Notice the new ABC picture on the right has a link to the free homeschool FREEBIE of the Day. This being the first day of Lent, today's FREEBIE is book about Lent for kids. Click the picutre to take you to the site.


Stacia said...

How adorable...like you saide, at least she knows that both are times of preparing our hearts. Isn't it nice to have a blog to jot down the kids' funnies before we forget them?

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to know if you guys have celebrated Lent before. I grew up Catholic, and Lent was a normal part of our year. We'd "give up" something for 40 days. Some of my hardest things I gave up were chocolate (as a teen) or gum (as a kid...I had a bad habit!). Other times, it was giving up a bad habit like watching TV, or trying to do something new...like adopting a new positive behavior. I haven't looked at this new "Freebie" yet, to see what it entails, but I do think I will have the boys observe Lent in the same way I did as a kid, "giving up" something for 40 days. I will encourage the experience to remind them that Jesus told us to take up our cross, and to die to self. As a kid, I would think living 40 days without chocolate or gum was tough, but then I'd remember how Jesus went without food for 40 days on the mountain when he was tempted. Then I wouldn't think missing my stuff was so bad.

Lee and Bev said...

When I first started reading - I thought it was a "typo." How cute - and actually makes sense! Great new resource!

crispy said...

Good questions ScienceGeek...as for celebrating lent before not as a child. When Chuck was a youth pastor when we were first married we observed Lent at that church but most churches these days don't. In fact it is hard to find a church that observes communion.

Each year as the Easter/resurrection time occurs, I think about it and seem to let it slip. I have been more determined to be more purposeful in how we celebrate/observe each holiday. I really like the idea of being purposeful.

As for our family, we have all talked about giving something up for the Lentin season. Remembering the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus gave for us. We are going to do family devotional time that focuses on preparing for those 40 days. The girls are still thinking about what they are going to give up. As for me, I will not have any coffee. I make a little coffee drink in the morning that is a little treat and is so special. And I look forward to it each day and I want to look forward to time with God instead.

I think it goes back to being purposeful. It really made a difference for us as we celebrated Advent for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Giving up coffee?!!?!? That would be a MAJOR sacrifice for me. I only have one very strong cup in the morning, and if I don't have it, I get a bad headache (in other words, I have a caffeine addiction). Maybe my "flesh" is showing, because I won't be giving that up. However, I will give up something I'm just as addicted to (but don't get headaches when I abstain)...chocolate.

crispy said...

I am sitting here drinking green tea instead. Needless to say, it is causing me to think about what I am doing and not just going through the motions.

Anonymous said...

Update: I've briefed the kids on Lent and we've made up our minds what we will sacrifice for the season. I plan to give up sweets. JD will give up candy. Jax will give up raising his voice/yelling (which is a big issue he has). We started our Lent activities today. Our first activity that we chose from the choices in the jar asked us to choose something that we as a family could give up for Lent, so that we can use the money instead for folks in need. We decided to give up buying soft drinks and juice boxes. I'm looking forward to the challenge and what we will learn from the experience.

Susan said...

Sound the same to me. (Smile) Many of our European misisonary friends fast something during lent (chocolate, etc.). Sometimes it comes and goes in our American protestant churches and you don't even realize it has begun. We have a great passover meal with family involed activities, etc. we like to do before Easter.