Monday, February 16, 2009

Personal Ministry - testimony part 4

My original idea was to share my testimony over a five day period but I got a little side tracked this weekend and didn't finish it up. Sorry about the delay and I hope to get these last points posted today and tomorrow.

As I listened to the series of different areas in our life that God uses to draw us closer to Him and grow our faith, it was so neat to take inventory and look back through the years. Again with the other areas, I could share a few on each of these and I am trying to narrow it down for each point. The fourth point is PERSONAL MINISTRY. This one could be any way that you got involved or served or was used by God in any way. Maybe a PERSONAL MINISTRY for you could be teaching a Sunday School class, or working at VBS, or leading a small group, or working on a team for worship. There are so many areas that God can use to allow us to experience God's power as we are used by Him.

I am really torn on this one. I want to share about a few times that I grew in my faith as I was used by God to serve Him and the body of Christ. So I will try and be short with the examples so I can do more than one. =)

First off, I was blessed and honored years ago to work side by side with Chuck as we worked with teenage youth groups. We have actually been involved in a few and each time it was so neat to see God use us (as ill equipped as we were) to invest in those kids lives. This was all pre baby years for us and we were able to give a lot of energy to that ministry. Oh how we loved those kids (in fact we still do). Those teen years are such pivotal years that can be so influential on a teen and I am so thankful that God allowed us to serve there.

Next, Chuck and I took several short missions trips to Central America and served on work teams. Although those trips were short, they were life changing. To experience how the rest of the world lives and to see the poorest of the poor...I will never forget. I believe that God can use a short term missions trip to widen your world view and I would encourage everyone to experience at least one in their life time.

Lastly, I served on a team of leaders in our local church in California for a adult education class (Sunday School). Again, this was with Chuck and that was one of the only times that I have been involved in a replenishing ministry. The kind of ministry that when you are serving, you are grouped with others that are using their gifts in such a way that the team works like the "body" is meant to work. Each using their God given spiritual gifts, each sharing part of the load. Each encouraging each other along the way.

Each of these ministries made me realise a few things. I am blessed to be able to serve side by side with Chuck. I love serving with him and I am so glad that God paired us up together. Also, when you are involved in ministry, it is all about letting God work through you. Not in my own strength, but the Spirit. It has been awhile since we have been able to serve in a local church (with all this moving). I know that God will lead us to the right place that He has for us to serve in what ever area He needs. Right now I just need to be willing to be used by Him. Getting me out of my comfort zone, molding me and using me.


Marilyn said...

How well I remember the NJ youth group and those kids that were so touched by you both. Chuck's dad and I did alot with the youth groups. Seems like you have the most fun when you serve the Lord.
Now we enjoy our ministry with the Prime Time people as much as we did the youth. God just keeps on working on us to use our gifts.

I just feel so blessed being used of the Lord. Gifts are always fun to give...glad the Lord gave us these special gifts. You are one he gave me by marrying my son.

K-Sue said...

This continues to be a great series of posts, Crispy. When we minister we grow, as your testimony shows.

Lee and Bev said...

I think you are still messed by the leadership team in CA. How awesome to be used of God and be replenished at the same time!

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad God uses us in all kinds of ministry as we open the door wider and wider for Him.