Thursday, February 12, 2009

Practical Teaching - testimony part 1

I have recently heard a sermon series on 5 points that grow our faith. It has been interesting to hear these 5 different things that God tends to use to increase our relationship with Him. After listening to this series, I thought it might be nice to share my testimony on my blog here. I always find it really interesting to hear about how someone has grown closer to God, it somehow opens a new door to their inner thoughts and situations. So I will share a little bit about these 5 things in my own life.

The first point I will share about is PRACTICAL TEACHING. I was actually born on the mission field (my parents were missionaries in another country) and I grew up as a pastors daughter (my dad had several churches when I was little). I have been surrounded by godly, christian influences and PRACTICAL TEACHING my whole life. And all of that definitely had an influence on me and my personal relationship with God.

I am a product of going to public school my whole life and when I graduated high school I wanted to attend a Bible college. I always wanted to go to a christian school and it never worked out for me for my younger years so I was grateful when God opened the door to attend a Bible college. I wanted a place where I would be surrounded by lots of biblical teaching. I chose a Bible college in the south where my sister was attending (loved it when I went to visit her). And it was in this college where I met Chuck.

All of these things were definitely influences in my life, but the biggest one was yet to come. I have shared before about how I have really enjoyed Precepts Bible studies (and even more recently the Precepts study online). About a year ago, I did my first Precepts Bible study in the book of Daniel and it was fantastic. I have really enjoyed the style of study with looking for key words and phrases and marking the text with colors. I have enjoyed listening to Kay Arthur daily on the computer or on the local TV station. It has been good for me to saturate myself in the truth of God's Word. It really has been a significant influence on my relationship with God, learning more about Him and responding in obedience to the truths.

I will be honest, it takes time and endurance. In the last year I have studied the book of Daniel (took about 5 months), did a study called "Life in the Spirit", book of Ephesians, America at the Crossroads, and now I am still studying Isaiah (since early fall). It takes discipline to get my studies out and carve out the time in my schedule to sit down and open my notebook and study the text, and then take the time to listen to Kay share on the text. There are times I don't want to do it, or times I get busy, but I am gently called back to the Word. And because of that, my life will forever be changed. For my life, God has used this tool as a way to draw me ever closer to Him. I don't think I could have endured last year (which was one of the hardest years of my life) without the depth of studying God's word.

So I do agree that PRACTICAL TEACHING has been a tool in my life that God has used to make me more of who He longs for me to be. Next, I plan on sharing about PROVIDENTIAL RELATIONSHIPS, people that God has used to mold me.


Lee and Bev said...

What a great way to share your testimony and how God has used the events of your life to draw you closer to Him! Thanks, dear Cris, for being sensitive to Him and to the truths of the Word!

Sandee said...

Oh, I enjoyed what you shared. Just today, I was thinking why have I been struggling so much for the past 6 months or so...and I realized, I do my Bible connection in spurts. for a day or two, then off for 4, then on for 1, then off for 3. So silly. I know what a difference it makes in me, in SO many ways.

I thought just today, what would my life be like if I did it every day!! and why don't I!

Thanks for sharing this, looking forward to the next one!

Smith Schoolhouse said...

thanks for sharing Cris.

Will you please let me know next time you are about to start a new study so i can start it with you?

I don't want to start in the middle of one but I would like to start the next one from the beginning.

Salzwedel Family said...

Looking forward to the next installment!