Monday, February 9, 2009

When life gives you lemons...

...make lemonade. I recently got a blog award from 2 blogging friends Cindy and Annie. Both leaving me a little sweet note about how I try to make the best of difficult situations and have a positive blog. I have to say, Annie's words brought me to tears this morning. Knowing that I have been an bit of encouragement to her as she too is going through times without her spouse by her side. I was truly blessed by her post.

According to Annie's post, The Lemonade Award is for people who have positive attitudes, are upbeat, show gratitude and when life gives them lemons, make lemonade.The rules for this award are that you post the graphic, write about the giver and link back to her, and pass it on to up to 10 others. Leave a comment for the receiver(s) so that they know what's going on.

So I want to pass on this award to Susan (HERE), her blog about missionary life is an encouragement to see the world through someone else's point of view. She has graciously handled difficult circumstances living the life of a missionary giving up all familiar and comfortable life to further the gospel in an unreached area of our world. Not only is her blog a place for other missionaries to go and relate to her vulnerable feelings, it is also helpful to see life from a different perspective.

I also want to pass on the award to Karen (HERE). I follow her blog and find that she shares her life from a positive point of view. Her words are not full of complaining but enduring life as a Godly woman. I love how she is challenging others to hide God's word in our hearts.

So pass on the encouragement to keep your chin up and stay positive. This little award was just the encouragement I needed today. =)


Chuck Peters said...

You SO deserve the lemonade acknowledgment!!!! You have handled all the stress our our life so so well and I am incredibly proud of you for keeping such a great outlook through it all. -- You are an awesome example to ME as well as to all of your blogging friends. =) Thanks for being such an amazing wife & mom!!!! You rule!!!!!

Karen said...

This is very sweet... thank you so much... today was a much better day for me:) I will try to figure this out and think of someone I can bless. I am not sure how to link someone with out typing the entire address... how do you just link it to their name??? Please enlighten me.. you can leave me a comment or email to Thanks!!

You let me in on this and I will tell you how to post a you tube video unless you have already figured it out! ( I remember you having trouble doing this awhile back) hee hee

K-Sue said...

Yes, you are a lemonade kinda gal.

Lee and Bev said...

What a sweet affirmation from such dear friends. How wonderful to have such blessed fellowship - even from those whom you have never met face to face. Won't heaven be wonderful? We'll be running all over the place greeting, hugging, kissing. And to see our gracious Lord face to face!

Susan said...

Thanks sister for your sweet encouragement, to continue to make lemonade with life's lemons. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today dear friend. Too sweet. Hang in there living out of suitcases and the mess.