Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Broken Computer =(

Hi Peapod people! This is Chuck posting for Cris... her laptop (which is the only computer she has in the house) has been acting wacky for a long time now & she finally decided to get it fixed. She expected to have it back today... but... it turned out to be a bigger problem than we had thought. Hopefully she'll be back to bloggin' soon! She misses you all VERY much and I KNOW that she is dying to tell you about some interesting things that have happenened.

No, unfortunately, no contract on our house yet. Please do keep praying with us that it will sell soon. This time of separation is hard & we don't like it one bit! We're praying daily for God's mercy.

She does have a new bear story though! And it's a good one! So stay tuned!

Chuck (for Cris)


Christy said...

Glad to "hear" your voice Chuck and Cris we do miss you!

Salzwedel Family said...

Miss you Cris! Can't wait to hear about the bear.

Permission to Mother should be studying said...

Waiting for you to come back!

Lee & Bev said...

Thanks, Chuck, for pinch hitting (?) for Cris. Still praying about the house - every day - several times a day - as I'm sure you are. Trust you are doing OK too. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Good for you son, pitch hitting for Cris. Waiting on that bear story. A young man in our area ran into one on his motorcycle and lived to tell the story. Another was hit by a tractor trailer on the highway two miles from here... and we live in town. Much love to all four of you.