Monday, July 7, 2008

Praying for a friend

Years ago, when Chuck and I were first married, we were youth leaders in NJ. It was such a great opportunity to invest in kids lives and serve where God asked us to. It has been interesting to see these kids grow up and begin families of their own. They have gone in all different directions and some of them have continued on with their own walk with God. Of all things, it has been neat to see their own fruit mature and grow in response to the Holy Spirit in their lives. Only by God's grace were we able to be part of that growing process.

Now to get to my point of bringing this up...I just got an email from a friend of mine in NJ who passed on a blog from one of "our youth group kids". I am asking you to click their link and pray for this dear family. (HERE) Darren's wife Misty is in stage IV of brain cancer and they are praying for God's healing in her life. As you can imagine with any sad news my heart is heavy, yet I am so grateful for their response to the whole thing. I see Darren holding fast to his faith and seeking for God's grace in their lives. Please let this be a testimony of how powerful God is and lift up Misty today.


Annie said...

I didn't even want to click on that link. I did it for you, and ended up ashamed of my hesitation because of the uplift (believe it or not) that I got from the faith which pours from that blog. I did stop and pray for strength and healing and will keep them in my prayers.

Ginny said...

I am praying for them.

Mar Mar said...

Was Darren one of the young men that wrote music when Chuck started the little band?

How sad...but also how glad that I am that you had such a great ministry with those young people.

Praying for them and for the grace that they and we all need along life's road.

Sean and Lisa said...

Lifting this family up in prayer! Thanks for the opportunity to unite in prayer on their behalf.

Shaleen said...

Praying for Misty, Darren & sweet little Olivia.

Rachel said...

Thank you for sharing. They will be in my prayers...I also shared this with my mother.