Wednesday, July 30, 2008

homey home

I think I received one of the sweetest compliments. I had some kids over yesterday for tutoring (the big sister often likes to come and spend time here while I tutor her brother). I think that these kids feel something when they are here in our home that they really like. That "homey" feeling. Not to say that they don't have that at their own home, but I think they feel it here too. They both commented that they love coming here and wish they could be here more often. This is what they experienced yesterday.

- Tutored the 8 year old for reading, phonics and math
- Played games together (yep, I played too)
- Read them stories
- Played with Little People toys (even though they are kind of a young toy, I think it gives these kids the freedom to be kids and not feel like they have to be too grown up)
- Snacks: they each enjoyed homemade cinnamon rolls (from fresh milled wheat)
- Were here for several hours with OUT the TV on

I always want our home to feel like a homey home. Not that it is perfect (nope, it is not). But I do desire our home to be a safe place to "fall". To be comfortable and secure.

When we were talking at the snack table, they mentioned that they wished they could come back again. Now that is such a sweet compliment. I am glad they like it here.


Lee & Bev said...

What wonderful memories and example you are giving and setting for these children. Your girls are so blessed to be in such a loving and secure home. Thanks for all your effort in making it so!

Annie said...

I think I'd like it there, too.

Ginny said...

Can you tell me what recipe you use for cinnamon rolls? I have one, but it is an amish white flour based recipe. Very yummy, but I would love a whole grain alternative. Do you use Bread Beckers??

crispy said...

Ginny, I use the main bread beckers recipe for my bread, pizza dough, stuffed bread and cin. rolls.

I mix it in my Bosch. Speaking of wheat...the price has gone way up in the last few years.

I will post it with some pictures.

K-Sue said...

I have been ruminating and praying over this same subject this summer as we have had opportunity to minister to our 2 little neighbors. I needed just this boost to encourages me in these last 2-3 weeks that they are here before they return for the schoolyear to their other parents and respective significant others. Our time is short, and I am trying to choose to pray more and be more gracious, rather than spending my energy and authority protecting my daughter from the influences of the adults. I'm asking God to help me balance the need to strengthen her with the desire to shelter her.

Susan said...

Goin for the homey home feeling with ya! It is so nice to make your place feel warm and cozy to your own family and others who come. One time a little boy came over with his family and asked if out tv was broken because it wasn't on...