Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All About Birds - lapbook

We just finished up our ALL ABOUT BIRDS LAPBOOK. I think this is our favorite one so far. If you are interested in checking out some of our other ones, click HERE.

Several months ago I picked up a calendar on the clearance rack at the drug store for about 25 cents. I thought it would make for some good pictures in a lapbook. I am trying to work harder at adding color to the lapbooks which should help the kids remember more (visual learners).

I haven't taken the plunge and purchased any lapbooks. I just make them up as I go along. We have been reading the Apologia book called Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day (HERE). That is where most of our info came from for the lapbook.On our first flaps we have some pictures and the mini books include:

  • what makes a bird a bird?
  • watching a robin's nest
  • benefits of birds
  • what is molting?
Inside the first flap we made mini books that include:

  • types of beaks (I googled it under images and found these to cut out)
  • parts of a bird (couldn't find a good picture so I drew it instead)
  • what is preening?
  • tools for bird watching (the book that looks like a tool box)
  • what birds eat
Flip the page and you find these mini books:

  • definitions (habitat, instinct, extinction and migration)
  • feather features
  • 5 types of feathers
  • pocket for bird poetryHere is an up close look at the 5 types of feathers mini book.

On the last flap there is:

  • pocket for songs, calls and communications of birds
  • types of bird nests (I printed these pictures from online too)
Lapbooks are always fun to make. Yes...they take some work. But...I think my kids remember so much more information when we learn this way. Hands on learning is really important for hands on kind of learners (kinesthetic).

It is good for me to look back at all that we have done (school wise) this year and realize, we really have accomplished a lot. Whew, almost done and ready for a little break.


Cristy said...

Lapbooks are awesome. That looks fantastic. My kids love doing them and we are incorporating a couple of different ones with our science and co-op. Y'all did a great job on that one.


crispy said...

Thanks Cristy for your kind words. Glad you like it. =)

Tim and Susan said...

I think the books are great too because they are a record of sorts to what your've studied-learned.

They are great! And I am sure you ARE ready for a little breather...everyone needs summer vacation, especially mom!!

Lee and Bev said...

Beautiful books - lots of work and learning has gone into this unit on birds! So glad you too, Cris, have enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome. We just got back from homeschool convention and Keisuzi and I attended 2 lapbooking demonstrations (Tobin's lab). It was awesome, and I'm inspired to really put these tools to work over the summer (as I hope to keep us learning) and in our homeschool. I learned the secret is to make the little folds and books as you go along, rather than sitting down and trying to do it all at once. The teacher recommended having large ziploc bags for each topic and storing the books and folds inside as you go. Maybe do a fold/book every day as you complete your reading. Your book looks so awesome and inspires me even more! The other great thing is that you created your own book. While I have splurged on a few History Pocket books (Colonial Days, Civil War, American Explorers), I learned at convention that once you know how to do the folds, the only thing holding you back is your imagination! Thanks for inspiring!

Annie said...

Those are beautiful. I want an excuse to make one. Seems like you could make one "about" your children, couldn't you? That might be fun.

K-Sue said...

They look great. And I agree - something about those little flaps and shapes with your own handwriting makes it more memorable. Good job, girls! Good job, Mom!

K-Sue said...

--and I like the fresh blog decor, too.

crispy said...

Hey ScienceGeek, I am glad you are able to comment again. Not sure what was the problem the other day.

I am so glad you were able to get to a lapbooking workshop. I can't tell you how bummed I am that I missed out on the convention this year (down there). Let's just say the one here wasn't very inspiring. I think I need to plan on heading back your way for next year.

That is a great idea about making the books and putting them in a bag. We start with making them as we are learning and reading. I do jot a list of the mini books that I think might work and then adjust it as we keep the study going.

We can't put all the things that we learn in the lapbook, but we try to find things that are interesting or different bits of information.

I do attach them as we go along so I can see what sizes I need to make next. I used a lot of unlined note cards and then added color with the paper behind the mini books.

Looking forward to making our next one. I think we are going to do an artist this summer.

Lea Whittaker said...

I think of you and your girls every time I admire the birds around here. Our neighbors have a lot of feeders and we have some beautiful red birds and yellow finches (sp), etc. I thought of you tonight as we watched a baby mocking bird try and learn to fly. It was inside our fence hopping around and it's mom was flying around and would land up on the fence ledge near the baby bird and watch. Very cool thing to witness, but I also just wanted to pick the little bird up and give it back to it's mama:) Hope you are doing well

GardenofGems said...

We are also studying "Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day". Isn't that just a fantastic book? I love the lapbook you guys did. We are going to do some sort of project to wrap up what we've learned. We just haven't quite decided yet. Thanks for inspiring us.

Proverb Mom said...

My kids & I LOVE lapbooks, but don't do them as often as we should. CurrClick has lapbbook downloads on sale CHEAP pretty often. We got Johnny Appleseed for $.99!

Julie said...

Beautiful! Great job all three of you!

Science Geek, my daughter and I were in the Tobin's Lab workshop where she talked about putting them in bags, etc...we got there a few minutes late and didn't get to actually make out own.

Cris, you should come back for the convention next year...it's the best!!

Tiffany said...

That turned out GREAT! You are becoming quite the expert. That is sure to be a treasure.

Tiffany said...

Hey Cris--if you are going to do an artist study I highly recommend Mary Cassatt. She has a great story and I love all her pictures of children and their mothers.

Anonymous said...

I'd LOVE for you to come to our convention next year!!! What fun we could have!!!! I think it's back at it's orginal convention center next year (which we're looking forward to!).

Had you ever been to a Tobin's lab demo? She has such awesome lapbook examples at her booth- to show you can lapbook anything! I was really awestruck when she said she has NEVER PLANNED a lapbook in her life-they make the little books and folds, then assemble at the end. She showed an awesome way to make extensions to your basic shutter by adding simple 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper. TOO easy!

Haven't seen you on my blog lately. Are my posts still not showing up on your dashboard? With only 3 public followers (but many more lurkers) I can't afford to lose you!!! No pressure!

Smith Schoolhouse said...

very cool & motivating!