Friday, May 22, 2009

What are the chores you HATE ???

You the mom most of the chores fall to you and I am sure that there are chores you don't care for (there, that sounds nicer than HATE). And there might be some chores that you LOVE, ones that replenish you.

For me, I dread putting laundry away - but I love to hang laundry out on the line. I love to feel the fresh air when I am out hanging the wash, I love how the clothes get a tiny bit stiff. I don't like how they pile up and there are so many categories with putting them away (dish towels, bath towels...). Even though the kids are responsible for their own, it takes a little encouraging to get the job done.

I don't mind cooking - but putting the groceries away isn't my favorite. I like creating a meal that my family likes (I really like when Chuck oohs and aahs at my food). I like coming up with a meal with no recipe or making up my own. I like finding healthy foods for my family and introducing them to new foods. But I don't enjoy putting the groceries away. By the time I am home from the store, I have "moved" that food enough (from the shelf to the cart, from the cart to the belt, from there to the bag, then the bag into the car, then at home bring the bag in and now I have to put it all away).

I like to organize all my closets and spaces - but keeping them maintained is a bummer. I like the challenge of finding the right containers and sorting and organizing. I like tossing out old things that we don't need anymore. I like the accomplishment of getting a space all tidy. But somehow keeping it maintained isn't easy or my favorite. Too much work, not a big pay off. Just being lazy is what it really is.

(Does anyone see a pattern here?)

So, what are the chores that you hate and to keep it positive, share some ones you love and why. Maybe something you love will inspire me. =)


Lee and Bev said...

Mmm. I'm thinking - there must be something I like!

Crista said...

I'm not so fond of putting clothes from the washer onto hangers. One of these days I will buy a drying rack that I can just drape the clothes over.
I HATE vacuuming, but I love the look of a freshly vacuumed floor.

K-Sue said...

I dislike all aspects of bathroom scrubbing.

I don't like to put away clean dishes. I seldom leave dirty dishes, but once they are clean (by hand or DW) I'm done. I will handwash dishes for days to avoid unloading the cleans from the DW. Before I handwash, I will put away just enough to make room for the new wet clean ones.

I kinda like ironing.

K-Sue said...
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Elle J said...

I love vacuuming and ironing because it is instant gratification to see the lines on the carpet, and the lines disappear on the clothes.

I can not stand cleaning the hard wood floors. Nothing about it makes me happy or excited.

Cleaning out the fridge and pantry, can't stand those either. Time consuming and seeing the food gone wasted makes me feel guilty.

I clean the bathrooms regularly enough to have come to love that chore. The power of disinfecting is great!

I love bathing my dog because she is soooo cute during the process and I love washing the cars because it means the sun is shinning brightly.


Anonymous said...

hmmm..... I hate cleaning the bathrooms.

Randi Sue said...

I do not like putting away laundry, either. I think it is all the small catagories.

I don't like washing dishes, because it never ends.

I like scrubbing my shower, because I do it when I am taking a shower and I like to see a clean shower when I am done. I do it once a week.

steffany said...

your list sounds just like me.

Susan said...

I am with ya...we often have piles of folded clean clothes sitting around, it's usually the kids job to put them in their drawers. I don't mind washing and even drying and folding, but...putting them away just never gets done and

ohhh, ironing, yuck. I only iron when I absolutely have to, like 5 minutes before church.

Let's see, I all out HATE (yes, that is a stong word) washing out garbage cans. Yuck. Glad that doesn't have to be done too much.

I don't mind toilets and sinks, but don't like tubs.

I struggle to make dinners...I love making crock-pot or anything that is semi-prepared ahead of time. (Yesterday I made enchiladas with cooked chicken that was all prepared and frozen, so made it was super easy.) It's great to make a meal early in the morning so it's ready for later, but I sure don't like the 5 pm tired and hungry panic of trying to figure out what to make!!!

I love tidying up and making things look neat ("feathering my nest")!!

crispy said...

Oh...good reasons Elle J. I feel guilty too about the food in the fridge. Like I have wasted a bunch of money.

I think there is a bit of a depressing idea that most of these chores never end. The moment the laundry is done, in goes another dirty dish towel. As soon as I am done cleaning up the kitchen from a meal, someone comes sniffin' around for a snack.

As for bathrooms, I just discovered the magic eraser on my shower walls and door. WOW. The water spots are GONE. Now that was kind of fun this week.

And I did get a new vacuum thing for hard wood floors that is fun to use, so I don't mind that right now either.

I am trying to teach my girls how to do the bathrooms so they can do theirs and the guest bathrooms. So far, it seems to gross them out.

Annie said...

I also hate putting clean clothes away. I think that is because a lot of them don't quite fit....and I find messes in the drawers I don't have time to clean up.

I like putting the dishes away, actually, and don't mind sweeping....though I really don't like doing the kitchen floor. It gets dirty so quickly!

Ginny said...

I like cleaning bathrooms. I know that is really weird. I just feel so good when they are clean. I also like to vacuum and mop. Again, it's really just because I love clean floors. I don't like cleaning the kitchen. Jonny usually does that. I also hate folding laundry, there's just too much of it. I will be happy when we are in a bigger house and my boys are bigger and able to help more with their laundry.

Karen said...

I enjoy vacuuming, cleaning out the pantry and fridge, dusting furniture..... all the chores that I dislike my children do... hee hee hee!

My personal dislike is putting away the silverware(which one of the kids do) and ironin(which is not often). The kids all have daily jobs which include...baseboards, doors and knobs, bathrooms, put away their laundry... things like that... they actually do a great job!!

Cristy said...

Dislike: dusting, ironing, washing windows, putting clothes away, scrubbing tubs (too much reaching across) and showers (can't see without my glasses, can't wear them because they get so wet), mopping, unloading dishwasher

Likes: vaccuuming; scrubbing sinks and toilets; washing, drying, folding clothes; loading dishwasher; cooking; any chance I get to organize closets or pantry

Who wants to trade chores?


Julie said...

I'm not thrilled with putting laundry away either, and I like hanging it on the line too. I like vacuuming. Both Mike and I like grocery shopping and I don't really mind putting the groceries away, although thanks to you I do often think about how often we have to move the groceries. Also thanks to you though I love to bake bread for my family!

Crystal said...

I totally agree with the chores you hate!! In fact before I read your post those all popped into my head as well. I have to agree with the others, bathrooms are not my favorite either!

carrie said...

I hate folding and putting away laundry. I've figured out that part of the reason is that I am good about washing and drying, but I usually do a bunch of loads in one day and so there is a big huge pile of clean clothes and it is too overwhelming so I just ignore it.

I hate cleaning the floors. After every meal the floor under the table is a huge mess, and I get tired of constantly sweeping and mopping.

Hannah Beth loves cleaning the bathrooms these days, so I am excited about that!

I like keeping things picked up around the house and the kitchen clean (although I don't like hand washing what doesn't go in the dishwasher) so the house looks nice and neat.

Erlinda said...

Putting away seasonal decorations (ie: Christmas, Easter, etc...)

Sonya said...

I love to cook! Hate to wash! Always have since that was my job as a kid at home. It never ends!

Cleaning the shower is next in line. I've got the rest of the bathroom down fine. I like to see that clean.

Dusting.... Something I don't really do much of...Isn't that a protective coating?

GardenofGems said...

When it comes to laundry, my most difficult task was hanging up the shirts. Everything else could be folded, put in piles, then just put away neatly in the drawers. But the shirts would just get set on a dresser somewhere until I could get around to hanging them up. Well, when I stopped using my dryer I figured out the solution. The shirts do not go out on the line with everything else. The shirts get immediately put on a hanger and hung on a bar in the laundry room. By the next morning, they are ready to be moved to the proper persons closet. I no longer have piles of shirts around the house waiting to be hung up.