Wednesday, May 13, 2009

how can I pray for you ?

I have had this burden on my heart to pray for some of my blogging friends. And I wanted to jot down some things to pray for. When someone comes to mind, I often pray for them. For what I know is going on in their life. For the needs that I know they have. For their ministry or family. Many of you are going through adoptions or have just brought new children home. I know many of you need to sell a house. Maybe a decision you need to make. What ever is on your heart, feel free to let me know how I can pray for you.

If you will leave me a comment with how I can pray for you I will add it to my prayer cards. If you don't mind others knowing what it is, I will publish it. If it needs to be anonymous or you don't want me publishing it, PLEASE NOTE THAT IN ALL CAPS AND I WON'T PUBLISH IT. I will just jot it down for myself and then delete it.

Looking forward to lifting up my dear blogging friends in prayer.

Always offering prayer with joy and in my every prayer for you all...Philippians 1:4


Erlinda said...

thanks so much Cris, I need to count it ALL joy... my husband having cancer & having a hard time with the treatments (the side effects almost seem worse than the illness), not being home with my 4 kids (Glory 17, Grace 13, Melody 11 & Chosen 5) & being away from them 3 hours away for 6 or more weeks (we do get weekends off from the treatment). I'm getting so weary of the journey.. I want it done & return to normal....

Anonymous said...

This is a great thing you're doing. I never thought about having prayer cards, but that's an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing as I plan to incorporate that.

I am thankful that you pray for us and our homeschool. We've prayed for you all too.

The Body of Christ is so beautiful.

Crystal said...

We have chatted on facebook about my requests and thank you for lifting them up! How can I pray for you? Finding a church home? Friendships in your new hometown? Let me know I will lift you up as well!!~

Sandee said...

How precious. Isn't it awesome how Go can use the internet in ways we cannot imagine. I too have been so burdened with the need to pray. I befuddle through not understanding the impact (ie God's will, free will, submission, all that) but pray anyway..because He says it is powerful and effective. Doesn't mean I need to understand how.

So for the Hancock family.

Making it through Ethiopian Courts, so I can bring Olivia Mame home.

Love between my middle son and his little sister. They give cats and dogs a good name.

My dear sweet Momma and papa, who are ailing much and have no one but me....(And Jesus.)

Thank you dear...and HOW can I pray for you??!

Sean and Lisa said...

My dear Cris, this is why I love you so much you have an amazing heart!! I love that I have gained so many wonderful friends thru blogging.

Thank you for asking...I could write you a book of prayer requests for me :) but I'll limit it to these. Please keep our new business venture in prayer and for me to have the stamina to journey this crazy path of healing (PLEASE LORD!!) for our little ones.

Thank you so much! I do pray for you and your family daily as well and would love to lift up any specific concerns you may have.
Love and hugs,

Tiffany said...

I would love prayer for healing from arthritis in my fingers and for self-discipline as I spend 40 days on The Maker's Diet. Thank you!

DebiH. said...

Thank you Cris. I am very grateful for friends and family who pray. I have no "big" requests for prayer right now but this time of year always has the same prayer for me. We spend our summers traveling with Scott's ministry, this year we will be on the road for 5 weeks at one time. That's 6 people (an infant and a toddler included) together 24 hours a day for 35 days :) away from our home. It always seems overwhelming to me before we get started. After being home a lot of last summer (with new baby) the older girls are grumbling a little bit this year about the things they will miss out on at home. It is always my prayer that these trips bring us closer together and unite us in the ministry that Scott has. To really have us all engaged in ministry together, rather than feeling like we are just "along for the trip". Of course safety and health are also on my mind as we travel that much. I have been blessed by watching God work in your life through prayer and your faithfulness! Thank you for offering your prayers for us!

Susan said...

You'll have to share prayer requests too. I added prayer requests to the top of my blog like a friend did...such a great that I would have never thought of. Then people know right away how to pray when they visit. I am sure your blogger friends are so blessed to have you as such a thoughtful friend.

Our prayer requests are:
- peace in uncertainty
- clear leading by God to His purposes
- provision for our return to Japan
oh, and today's request is healing for Chad (age 10) who has 2 pinched nerves in his neck (just happened out of the blue)- for healing and help through the pain...praises going up already for a great (FREE!!) Chiropractor we are seeing daily.

Anonymous said...

You know what to pray for us!