Friday, May 8, 2009

Once a child leaves childhood,
they can never return.

So, why do we push our kids to grow up so fast?


DebiH. said...

I have started reading Beautiful Girlhood with Hannah and it is really beautiful. It really encourgages us to treasure the "girlhood" phase of life before entering into womanhood. One of the discussion questions for Chp.1 asked about wanting to grow up sooner. Hannah said she really doesn't want to grow up...too many things to do and worry about :) It makes me a little sad that she does have to leave the carefree girlhood days at some point!

pearly1979 said...

This has been on my mind and heart a lot lately.

Susan said...

I sure don't want them to grown up...stay semi little!!!!! I SO MISS todler and pre-school days...sigh. It does all go by too fast.

Stacia said...

I think that it is because we have never really learned to be content with where we (or they are). We have become brainwashed to look for a better, easier, more fun, time in life and are too focused on the challenges and problems that our days hold... we lose the joy of the moment. Thanks for the reminder, Cris.

Annie said...

I absolutely agree with you - and certainly didn't! In fact, I started them late in school, and held the Russians back (for several reasons, but that's one); I homeschooled A and L in Middle School because I think that is where the peer pressure to be older than you are is most prevalent.

And now they ARE grown up, but they had lovely childhoods.

I stayed young for a long time, and I am SO glad. Of course, I guess I relish every stage of life.

Anonymous said...

YES..... I wonder this too!!!!!

It breaks my heart to think of my kids growing up.