Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer Season 7 - list

It seems like there has been a lag in these kind of lists that go around people's blogs. Thought I would make one up myself to get the creative juices flowing. Let's start off the new summer season with a glimpse into my vulnerable self. I will try and make these items summer related, as I love a theme to something.

1. I am a terrible swimmer. Can't go under without plugging my nose. I can tread water with the best of you, but actual strokes - um - can't do them. My kids put me to shame in the pool.

2. I love fireworks - but not crazy about fire crackers. I enjoy going to see fireworks - the professional kind, but the kind that you buy in Wal-mart parking lot and set off yourself in the driveway at home (you know the kind that scare children and animals alike)...I can go without those.

3. I serve a LOT of salad for meals in the summer. Taco salad, Asian chicken salad, fruit salad, tossed green salad, pasta salad, layered salad. We have had salad for the last 2 nights for dinner.

4. I am really cheap when it comes to running the air conditioning. I would rather have fresh air breezing through the windows. I set the air as high as I can tolerate it and I am the first one to turn it off as soon as the weather is nice.

5. I make my kids do school in the summer. Yep...that is me, mean mommy. We do math all summer long. Not every day, but at least 3 or 4 days a week. We do however also do LOTS of art in the summer too.

6. I haven't bought a new swim suit in several years. I HATE shopping for a new suit. It is one of my least favorite things to shop for. UGH. I find the whole thing depressing.

7. I LOVE summer camp. Going to camp was a huge part of my childhood years. It was such a tool that God used to reach me and draw me close to Him. My camp was Timber-Lee in Wisconsin. It is still a special place for me. I went every summer from 3rd grade through college (when I worked there). I even loaded my kids up on a plane 2 summers ago to experience it themselves.

So, there you have it. My summer season 7 list. I would love to hear your SUMMER SEASON 7 list. Do share. Either post it on your blog or leave a little list in the comment area.


Tiffany said...

This is fun! I will definitely do this on my blog. You should post some salad recipes. I am eating a lot of salad but because I've never been much of a salad person I don't have a lot of recipes. I've eaten a southwestern salad that I copied from McD's twice already this week. I'm particularly interested in the Asian salad. Maybe you should do "Salad Saturdays" and post a salad recipe every Saturday. I'd do it but I could only last maybe 3 weeks. I think it's a good idea to do math through the summer, it's easy to forget math skills and if you can keep up with it you should do it. I on the other hand always say we are going to but never get to it.

Elle J said...

I think we would be good friends if we lived next to each other!! :)

*We could sink together in the pool as I am not a swell swimmer either. I panic if my head is under and I have to plug my nose too.

*Agree, fireworks are the most attractive up in the air by professionals.

*So cheap we don't even have AC! :)

*My kids too study/review during the summer.

*Swimsuit? Lands End Tankini with the cool swim shorts purchased ages ago that thankfully still fits.

*Chores are harder for me to keep up with in the summer because it is too hot and we don't have AC ~ at least that is my excuse! :)

*Yes, salad recipes would be an awesome blog post (with photos).

Happy Summer :)

DebiH. said...

I love this. Maybe I'll try it too! I never went to camp as a child but now it is the highlight of our summer! A great Christian camp can have an awesome impact on children. This summer we will be at 3 different ones. Two of them we have been going to for at least 10 years! I hope that my kids grow up to have great memories like you have from your childhood camp.
You should be able to enjoy keeping your air off for longer in your new home than you could here :)

Tim and Susan said...

Where is Chuck's "Summer Seven"? Mine is on our family blog.

Hevel Cohen said...

Hi, long time reader, new commenter...

All three of my kids are in public school, but we do school throughout the summer, too! We usually work on subjects that don't get that much emphasis in the school curriculum: Hungarian is our focus this summer.

Lee and Bev said...

Summer Loves
1)sound of sprinklers on the grass
2)picnics in parks or backyards
3)iced tea and coffee drinks
4)watching shooting stars at night
5)listening to crickets chirping
6)cool breezes on hot nights
7)farmers market fresh produce

Cristy said...

Ditto to almost everything. I do like to do a couple of the really big fireworks. People don't mind out here in the country. It's a free fireworks show. Before you know it, the whole neighborhood is gathered 'round in lawn chairs. :)


Ginny said...

Did you say swimsuit?? AAAAAH! What were we thinking when we joined the outdoor waterpark at our YMCA? Just kidding. I can swallow my pride and head to the pool with my postpartum body. My kids are going to have so much fun there. I can't wait to see Moses and Ezra's faces the first time we go. My camera needs to get back home soon!