Thursday, October 29, 2009

homemade tv antenna

We have worked really hard at cutting down our budget and one of the ways that has worked for us to not pay for cable tv. When we moved here, we never signed up to have our cable hooked up and since we are trying to save some money, we have decided to wait as long as we can. Honestly, we don't watch much tv. In fact, the girls like a few shows on PBS and Chuck likes to watch a football game every once and awhile, but we have learned to do without the rest of tv.

With football season here, Chuck was pretty disappointed with our $5 rabbit ears the reception that it was getting. The one stations that plays the football games wasn't always coming in clear. He tried getting a powered antenna for about $40 bucks, but it wasn't any better (so that went back to the store). So....he did a little research and came up with this.
He spent about 4 dollars and found some wire hangers and came up with this. I think he got some inspirations from a site like this (HERE). It sits outside under our deck and gets great reception. Like I said, we were only hoping for PBS and at least one network that shows some football. He is still working on exactly how the wire will run to the tv, but for now it is working great. I love his determination and his passion for being thrifty.


I have been working on making an adoption blog. My desire to have a neat journal of our process and have something to show our new sweet pea some day. That is what we call our new little one - sweet pea. I have taken older posts that were adoption related and put them on that blog. I plan on blogging about adoption on that bog instead of on here. For those of you that are interested you can follow along HERE. We would appreciate prayer for our journey. I hope and pray that God uses that to be a place of positive connections and encouragement to all of those who have the heart of adoption.


oneblessedmamma said...

Hey Cris, did Chuck do your sweet pea logo? I need a logo done. I have it all sketched out, but I just need someone to (cheaply) turn it into something usable for a blog and business cards...and a photography watermark. I know he does the call-me-cards and I thought you had mentioned that he did stuff like that.

Stacia said...

We made the choice to get rid of our cable after 9 years. Andy has been working diligently on all of these little tricks to get a few channels w/o the cable. Seemed to have worked before today. Needs a bit of tweaking. I'll tell him to call Chuck for the hanger directions if he needs them :) Yay for saving $50 a month... that'll be $600 and LOTS of more productive time at the end of a year.... for us anyway. Love you.

Melissa said...

How cool is that antenna! Well done Chuck!

K-Sue said...

Good job Chuck!
We have cable now (the lowest end-$12/month) because we got ZERO reception with rabbit ears here. For the first 20 years of our marriage, though, we survived nicely without. When we put up an outdoor antenna at our previous house, the reception was so much better that we felt like we had cable.

Tim and Susan said...

Love the new blog, it is so adorable. YEAH! Look forward to seeing Chuck's "creation" when we are there in just a few weeks!!