Monday, October 5, 2009

One of the best compliments

The other day I was sitting at a park with 2 friends while our children played in the kids play area. There was only one other mom in the park and she came up to the 3 of us and asked us how we got our kids to be so creative with how they play. She couldn't believe how our kids were playing so creatively. And then she commented on how unusual it is that they were older children (not just preschoolers) and playing dramatic play. As you can imagine, it just made my day. To hear someone notice, admire and comment on such a thing. We all thanked her for the comment and visited a few moments and mentioned that our children have spent a bit of time together.

Later I asked Tristen what they were playing and she told me all about it. This was an unusual park (no swings or play equipment), just lots of dirt, one slide (mounted on a dirt hill), a water source, a cabin, and a tee pee. She told me that they were playing farmer. This was the first time we had gone to that play area, I always thought it was for younger kids, and yet my 11 year old had just as much fun as a 4 year old. Making mud, pretending to be Laura from Little House, running around while someone was pretending to be a bear and chase her.

I love it that they didn't feel like they were too old to play. No one said it was for babies. No one squelched their creative play. In fact, they spurred each other on to be more creative as they worked as a group.

I wonder what makes some kids more creative in their play than others. My two have used dramatic play as the main source of their entertainment. (one of my favorite posts and sweet pictures HERE) Forget the toys and video games. Give them a pile of stuffed animals and some linking cube blocks and you might just find an orchestra. Here are their webkins playing instruments. They showed me each animal and what instrument they are playing and the sheet music they made for them to follow. Talk about creative play.


Tonya said...

Yes, that is indeed a WONDERFUL thing to have said about your children. (I'm thinking they're learning this from their mom! You're DEFINITELY one of the most creative ladies I know) ☺

I hope all is going well for you guys... I'm glad you enjoyed your adoption conference! Going through adoption with my sister and seeing/hearing all they've learned spiritually from the adoption process has been AMAZING. I don't know if you saw my comment after yours on my facebook page, but I ordered you a book by the guy that did that video. I've been blessed just hearing snippets of what he has to say and how it parallels with the Word of God.


Crista said...

That is an awesome compliment! I have had many discussions with my SIL about electronic distractions/babysitters. I used to work at Macy's and it killed me to see how many children brought their handheld games in to play while mom shopped. What happened to learning patience? *When I was little* :) I had to sit and wait patiently while mom did whatever she needed to do. I would make up stories in my head and find other ways to amuse myself. So that's what's wrong with kids these days, no patience ;). But seriously, I think a lot of children aren't encourage to be creative simply because they've got someone or something to entertain them all day.
Ok, getting off my soapbox now :).
OH, and I think books play a huge part in the creative process. I totally approve of books as entertainment :).

carrie said...

That IS a great compliment! I love it when kids "expand" their world through imagination!

Tim and Susan said...

My boys (age 15, 12, 11) still love to play creatively with stuffled animals too. They do the same and set them all up...usually all the little animals are football players on teams and they play sports games. Very fun.n

Glad the girls have fun, creative friends to play with.

BlessingsAbundant said...

Love it! What precious families! :)

Elle J said...

Creative play is the best and it is great when your kiddos are a natural at it. My two made halloween costumes from paper to decorate their stuffed animals and my daughter's American Girls. A skunk, cupid, and a dog. SO fun!

Karen said...

Our kids would get along well together! I love the ideas my kids come up with :) Last year one of our neighbors was walking and she said " I noticed that your kids are like ...old timey kids with the things that they play" She had a hard time explaining it but I understood what she meant because they are outside a lot using their imagination!

I like you felt very happy by that comment!

Anonymous said...

I am glad our kids haven't outgrown creative play. Just today, our co-op group got together and hauled out the costumes. I've seen JD make a whole football team out of paper. I love that our kids' minds haven't been ruined by TV or video games- that they still have imaginations and play together.

Lee and Bev said...

A shame that everyone can't see the instruments! Flute, violin, trumpet, marachas, drum, saxaphone, clarinet, etc. So creative!