Monday, October 26, 2009

some of my favorite games

We are a family that loves to spend time together. We value our time at home as a family and try to create time that is special. Often on Friday nights we make homemade pizza and might watch a video. We try to eat dinner around the table most nights and if there is time we will play a game together or some other kind of family activity.

I thought I would share some of our favorite games that we play together. Soon you might be looking for gift ideas as the holiday season quickly approaches. Here are 2 of our new favorite games.I picked this game up at a yard sale for a dollar (really good deal - you can find it HERE). I had never heard of it before but it has quickly become a favorite. Kind of a mix of counting and memory. You search through the forest to find the trees and look underneath them to discover the hidden treasure.
Then race to the castle to reveal where the treasure is located. We all have enjoyed playing (even Chuck so it isn't too girly). I bought it because it is made by a favorite company that makes good quality puzzles and games. (HERE)
Another one that is a new favorite is Quirkle. I bought this one months ago (mainly because it was a game that had won 3 awards) and pulled it out for Tally's birthday. As much as I love games, I hate reading the instructions and learning how to play.
We aren't a very competitive family so we don't often keep score when we play games. We also shake every ones hand when the game is over and congratulate the winner. I want the kids to be good sports and have fun playing if they win or lose.

This one has beautiful colored blocks with shapes and colors. The idea is to make a row with one of each color or shape. Great for pattern grouping. I also tend to like games that are educational. We have just used the blocks with little kids and grouped them in like groups (all the red, or all the squares).
These are just a few of our new favorites right now. Do you have any ones that you'd like to share?

On the adoption front, we are done with our homestudy and waiting for it to be reviewed by the international agency. We are also almost done with our dossier and ready to send it in. We are short the funds (that are needed to send in with the dossier) right now so we are praying for God's wisdom on what to do in that situation. We have also finished up one (out of 3) of our adoption education classes that we are required to do. Just mailed of the completed book (With Eyes Wide Open) for it to be reviewed by one of the workers at the agency.

We have another class tonight and are almost done with the other 2 education classes that we are doing. One is online and one is a local class with other adoptive families.

We are eager to finish and mail in our dossier to the agency and it is then that we are put on the waiting list. Trusting God for His timing and His leading in all of this.


Sandee said...

We love games too...our current favorite, with grandma and grandpa, is Rook, a card game. My oldest son can play, but the younger ones really cannot grasp it yet.

We have some beautiful game boards my dad made out of wood for just made me think, I will have to blog about that, and take pics.

Blessings as you progress on your adoption.

Permission to Mother said...

Looks like some good games that even I can handle!

Permission to Mother said...

Looks like some good games that even I can handle!

Cindy said...

Both of those games look like good ones! I've seen Qwirkle before but had never seen Enchanted Forest.

Anonymous said...

We enjoy Knock Out and Muggins, put out by a company called Muggins (?) I think. They are math/strategy games. It REALLY helps with the mental math. We bought the 2 sided board at the homeschool convention, but they are for sale online. We also enjoy RummiCube, chess and checkers.

Tiffany said...

We have Quirkle and we love it! We haven't played it in a while though. Life has been too busy...I'm looking forward to the end of ball season. Just a few more weeks!!
Another favorite here is Phase 10--it's a card game.

Karen said...

Sounds fun.... we like to play games as well... I think I am going to look for Qwirkle... sounds cool. I am always looking for new games that would be fun for everyone.

Glad things are going well on the adoption front.... your agency is certainly doing a good job trying to prepare you all... which is good.. prepare for the worst and pray for the best :)

K-Sue said...

Quirkle sounds like fun. I've played Muggins. and want to buy it, just haven't yet. We love Clue and Aggravation. In a group of 6-8 (bigger than our family) I like Sequence. We have a cool homemade board for Sequence. My favorite big group game is Outburst.

Anonymous said...

Praying for God's perfect timing in handing in your doseir (sp?)...although we would like it sooner rather than later, as you would I am sure!

We have some serious game players at our house. Tim and the boys LOVE games. We ARE competitive though and play thinking-strategy games. We recommend "Settlers of Catan". A great website to get them at is: "Time well spent" (one word).

julie said...

We love games also. I had never heard of either of those games. I will keep an eye out for them.


p.s. I am a little embarrased to admit this but we are a VERY competive family. However, we still keep it fun.