Friday, October 16, 2009

truths from the Word

Isaiah 46

There is no other like God.

God declares the end from the beginning.

God's purpose will be established.

God will accomplish His good pleasure.

He will bring it to pass.

God planned it and He will surely do it

Daniel 2

God's name is to be blessed.

Wisdom and power belong to God.

God changes the times and the epochs.

God removes and establishes kings/

God gives wisdom and to wise men knowledge to men of understanding.

God reveals the profound and hidden things.

God knows what is in the darkness.

The light dwells with Him.

In doing our Bible time today, I was blessed with these truths from God's word. Such wonderful comfort and strength. Blessed be His name. I love this new Precepts book we are doing. Studying the names of God. El Elyon - God Most High.


My passport came today. Another thing off the list. =) And a big thanks to my Mom who has been helping me work on the yard sale. She is a wonderful support and encouragement. We have been up to our elbows organizing and sorting in the garage. I am grateful for our time together and all the donations of things that we are able to have in our sale. God is so good.


Tim and Susan said...

Have a great garage sale! Hope it doesn't rain and you raise lots of money!!! Praying for God's blessings!

Tim and Susan said...

Yeah, now that you have your passport you can come visit us in Japan!!

adopted1 said...

Perhaps I've missed it on your blog or on FB, but what adoption agency are you using? Blessings, Jennifer

Lee and Bev said...

It's been a pleasure, Cris. Trusting God for a great sale today!

Anonymous said...

Didn't realize until yesterday that your garage sale is today. I hope it goes well and that you're feeling better!


crispy said...

Jennifer - we are using All God's Children. Their Ethiopian program.

The Bonner Family said...

Hey! We did our USCIS fingerprinting on Thursday too (10 am)! The lady said that there had already been 2 adoptions in there -1 Ethiopia and 1 Uganda. I bet you guys were the other Ethiopians!