Friday, November 21, 2008

Look what our "trash" turned into...

We have been composting here in this spot for about a year (how I started HERE). Though I grew up with parents and grandparents that composted, it is the first time that I have had my own official compost pile. It has been easier than I ever thought it would be and we have been able to enjoy the dirt (HERE).

It has been fun to see different things grow in the compost pile. I toss lots of different things from the kitchen and the garden and sometimes they take root. We have seen wheat stalks, garlic, onions, potatoes and most recently some pumpkins or gourds all grow in our compost bin.

These vines have really taken off. I am tempted to just let them go and see if anything produces. It just goes to show you how helpful good dirt is. It gives a new meaning on "REUSE".

Here is a quick list of all the things we tend to put in our compost.
  • Any kitchen scraps that the rabbit doesn't get (banana peels, apple cores, sweet potato skins...)
  • Coffee grounds, tea bags, dryer lint
  • shredded paper
  • left over rice or pasta (with no sauces), old bread or crackers
  • the end of the cereal in the boxes or pop corn old maids
  • all of our bunny litter when we change her bedding
  • yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, (skip the flowering weeds)


Anonymous said...

Very cool, Cris! I wish we could have a compost pile, but we aren't allowed to in our neighborhood. Mom is still feeding her worms in her worm condo, though! Did you ever get one of those?

BTW, what is a "popcorn old maid"? I have a few ideas, but I have NEVER heard that expression before!

Permission to Mother said...

I always have something growing out of the cracks of our compost. The lawn mower guy takes it upon himself to clip it. I wish he'd get the garden weeds as good as he does my compost.

Your plants are interesting because I have one like that growing in the cracks of my pavers. We set some seeds out to dry and next thing I know I've got melon (or cucumber) growing in my cracks.

Science Geek-- I live on zero lot property and have a strict home owners assoc.
I've managed to find a compost that looks like a garden tool shack and no ones said a word to me in all this time.

I also have a compost at the office.

Cheryl said...

I love your outside posts!

Susan said...

Hey green-garden girl. The boys will like to see your 3 stage compost piles. We started a little corner of our garden for a compost pile, but I was a little concerned that our doggy would try to dig up those burried kitchen treasures...hmmm.

K-Sue said...

Is it kinda like a popcorn bachelor?

crispy said...

Sorry, didn't know popcorn old maids was a vague term.

According to "Old Maids" is a term for kernels that fail to pop and are often found at the bottom of the popcorn bowl.

The left over ones, that in my opinion, never made it to their full popcorn potential.

Major Mom said...

Is that growing right now?? It must be really really warm. And by the way, I betcha didn't know my husband is a distant cousin to Laura Ingalls Wilder:) That is our claim to fame...

Anonymous said...


Thanks for letting me know! I'm curious how many of your followers already knew what a popcorn old maid was. Why don't you do a poll? (ha ha!)

crispy said...

Hey Major Mom, it is growing right now. I took the picture yesterday. Though for us, it is cold. I think it will be about 40 tonight.I even brought the bunny inside again so she would be warm. Though it takes a LOT for me to turn the heat on.

Lee and Bev said...

The vines from the compost pile - appear very intentional and add interest to the garden - don't tear them down!

Permission to Mother said...

I should post a compost update. Brief update now... I have harvest some soil and add it to my herbs, I get many(!) germinating seeds from the compost in my herb containers. I will probably have all kinds of veggies at some point. My herbs are doing great!

Thinking of you! I look forward to reading your family's adventures.