Saturday, November 8, 2008

looking for your favorite beauty products

It is that time for me to purchase some new makeup. Even though I don't wear much (I probably should wear more), I need to replace a few basics and I am looking for some new ideas. Aside from the pink frosted lips and blue mascara of the 80's, I have pretty much worn the same thing for ever and I need some inspiration. Who better to inspire me but my fellow blogging friends.

What are your favorite beauty products? Though I am in the market for some basics (foundation, face cleaner, blush, eye color...) what are things that you would recommend? I remember someone (I think it was you Mrs. Moon) who said they had a face wash that they really liked and they found it at Walmart or Target. If I can get it at Target, it is my style. I don't think I have ever gotten anything at the makeup counter at the department store. Maybe that is my problem (yes...sometimes I think cheapness is my problem).

Any-who...inspire me gals. I specifically didn't get anything the other day because I wanted to hear it from the experts. Well, that and the fact that all the choices overwhelmed me and I figured I should do some makeup homework before making my "once ever 3 year purchase". I really never run out of makeup, it's more like it gets so old I have to throw it out.


Julie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing other ladies' responses, the only thing I can recommend is burt's bees lip (color, gloss, tint?) I'm not even sure what it is called, but I like it.

DebiH. said...

I could have written that post:) You summed up my experience with make up too. I do have one single favorite thing. Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer. I has a hint of color in a lip balm. And you can get it at Target! Maybe even Publix. Or Cracker Barrell if you're traveling and leave it at home :)

Stacia said...

My newest make-up find is mineral foundation. I LOVE IT! I splurged on the one from TV (ONCE), but then I found that Mary Kay also sells it... for much cheaper, so I got that. It works great. You use a little brush and in a minute or less, you are covered, evened out, and never cakey or over-done. I too, am a make-up minimalist. I wear the mineral foundation, a mineral bronzer (great, sun-kissed look year round), and lipstick. My lipstick hint is to mix a few colors until I get the shade I like that day. If you want to truly know how I've been supplied in make-up for the past year: My mom gave me the free kit from clinique (eyeshadow, blush, mascara, lipstick,
moisturizer,toner). Since I don't wear much, it lasts until I have to throw it out. My loving mom just brought me another freebie and it's always nice, neutral colors. SO... find someone who likes clinique and hit them up for their free gift... it always has a cute bag, too. I just used my birthday money on a facial and the woman told me that the BEST skincare regime is cleanse twice a day, exfoliate a few times a week, and moisturize twice a day. In my opinion, it doesn't take pricey products, just the diligence to use the ones you have... I'm working on that part- ususally I wash my face in the shower and sometimes remember moisturizer. Make up usually only comes out on church days, MOPS days, or special events.

Leisa said...

I heard blue mascara is coming back, and I am anxiously awaiting that day!! Blue mascara was so rad!!!

Really, I'm not kidding, I loved blue mascara and a purple eyeliner pencil~~~sigh~~~ those were the days.....

Sorry I can't help you out with any other suggestions. My sister loves MAC makeup, but I think you have to get a second mortgage to afford it??

Well I am off to post about my love for 80's makeup!!

Rachel said...

I need to read the responses to this one...I struggle with makeup as well.

Andrea said...

Do I have some ideas for you! My favorite makeup store is Sephora. I'm not a big shopper, and it is literally a one stop shop! (it is online too

For 2 years in Nepal, I rarely wore makeup. So when I got back, I had to start all over with new products. My mom, grandma, aunts and sister-in-law all wear Bare Mineral makeup. I tried it once and was hooked. I bought a starter kit for around $60 and it had all of the makeup and brushes that I needed. $60 may sound expensive, but it lasts forever! Now I buy one foundation and 1 concealer and it literally lasts me all year long! At one point there was a Bare Minerals store in one of the malls in Orlando.

Here are my favorite Bare Mineral products:
-Foundation (in medium)
-Bisque (an AMAZING concealer)
-Well rested (on my eyes)
-Glee (Blush)

-I curl my lashes everyday with an eyelash curler.

-I go back and forth on face wash and etc. Right now it happens to be Proactive :(

-My favorite mascara is Maybelline's Full 'N Soft. It comes in a navy blue tube with a silver top. I've worn this for years!

-I like any dark brown eye liner... I smudge a thin line right above my top lash line.

-My eyes are blue/greenish, so I tend to wear browns and burgandy eye shadows. I don't really wear eyeshadow everyday though...

-I just recently picked up some foundation primer at Sephora in a sample size to try it out. I absolutely love it and if I could afford it, I would use it everyday! Right now it's reserved for special occasions. It is made by Smashbox and it is called "Photo Finish Foundation Primer."

-As far as lips go....I'm a gloss fan. I don't line my lips or wear lipstick. MAC Lipglass is my favorite gloss and again, lasts forever.

I promise I'm not as high maintenance as I sound.

Karen said...

I am not a big makeup wearer so I love Bare Minerals. I too ordered from a commercial and really like it. I have been using it for about 2 years.... what I like the best is I don't feel it on my face.
I use the foundation and the bronzer and a little eye shadow.

I also love CO Bigelow lip gloss from Bath and comes in many different flavors and sometimes you can find them for $1 or so on sale then I stock up!! My girls love it too!

It is intresting to read what others use...good luck!

Annie said...

I wear practically NO makeup (actually, I can put on TONS of make up and a half hour later it appears I am wearing none....good thing I could act because make-up accomplished nothing when I was in theatre.)

What I do use regularly is always from the make-up counter - Estee Lauder lipstick and blush. That's it. And, maybe I should wear more, too. :(

Christy said...

I've been to the fancy counters in the mall and wal-mart. My basics are eyeliner and sometimes lipstick. I will tell you that Mark's sister "converted" from Clinique to Bare Minerals and is sold. I think that's the direction I'm headed as well.

Cheryl said...

My m-i-l is a retired Avon Rep trainor/manager. She gets rad discounts and I get to order with her ... I actually like their products too.

Tiffany said...

My mom sells Mary Kay and they have this product that I love. I, like you, wear almost no makeup but when I do want to wear makeup--this is great. It's called Vanilla Icicles (or icing) and it's in a little tiny tube. You squirt a TINY bit on your finger and rub it on your eyelids. It makes your eyes really light up. And--Mary Kay "toffee" lipstick. Those are my only ideas.

K-Sue said...

I like Bare Minerals, too, for all the reasons noted by others, plus that it has some sunscreen.

Now that I am on the downhill end of 40 with sun damage, I wear some sort of moisturizer with sunscreen every day. I like Oil of Olay Regenerist Serum under everything, but it has no sunscreen. If I moved to Tennessee, I would probably chuck the SPF 30 in spite of the recommendations and just use that serum.

I don't wear mascara every day, but I like Nutragena Clean Lashtint - a light mascara that does well with my contact lenses.

I do wear eyeliner pencil every day (my "if I was stranded on a dessert island and could only have 1 thing for vanity..."), and I currently use Mary Kay in Taupe.

Speaking of 80's makeup, there was a time when I wore teal eyeliner every day, along with big shoulder pads and a permed 'do that, on a good day, looked like Cocker Spaniel ears on each side of my head. So maybe you don't want to take my advice...

crispy said...

The bare mineral makeup sounds like a winner. I checked out the site Andrea. I couldn't find the "well rested" for the eyes. But the rest I think I found.

Thanks for all the great ideas. Looking forward to looking better.

Susan said...

I use a combination of free stuff I get from my mother-in-law Clinique that she gets in the gift bag with little samples - I love their lip glass - I tired cheapy lip gloass and my skin reacted strangly to it's worth the splurg if I have to buy it) and Mary Kay, that I order every 2-3 years. I use Mary Kay freshener, and moisterizer (has sunscreen), foundation and blush....then cheapy Walmart eye brow pencil and shadow. I just wash my face with soap. Going for the natural!!

Andrea said...

Here's the link for the "Well Rested." Considering I don't get much sleep in the dorm, it's great for helping me look alert! :)

P.S. Your sercy is on its way!

Marilyn said...

Walgreens offer a full rebate occasionally. Most recent buy was a mineral fndtn that cost $19.95 with a full rebate.

Last month they had a mineral fndtn.. Rummel brand.. that rebated the full amount of $7.99. Enjoy the free stuff. Walgreens also take back for exchange wrong shades.

Also recommended by an older relative years ago was Ponds. I use it pretty faithfully at night.
I'm an old chic though!