Sunday, November 16, 2008

twist on the traditional tag - now a MOTHERHOOD TAG

I was tagged by Karen a few days ago and I have been meaning to get to this. I wanted to do a little twist on it, since we have all seen the same kind of tag game. I have been reading Permission to Mother's book (which is titled Permission to Mother). It inspired me to post interesting things about motherhood, pregnancy and birth.

1. I had a hysterosalpingogram as one of the tests in order investigate the infertility Chuck and I were struggling with.

2. My first child was conceived on fertility drugs. After years of trying, it seemed to be the best hope for us.

3. I never had an ultra sound. I never knew what I was having - there are so few surprises in life.

4. My second baby was a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and a face presentation baby (when the baby does NOT tuck its chin, but instead tilts it up ~ having the widest part of the head coming out first). I was so grateful to be able to experience the process of a traditional delivery (though she did have one huge swollen eye).

5. When I was pushing to deliver Tristen, I ended up with broken blood vessels in my eyes and face...I meant business (and in my opinion...I would take a vaginal delivery any day over a c-section).

6. I did not, nor was I willing to get an epidural for the VBAC delivery.

7. I used an SNS (tube style nursing) in order to breastfeed Tally. It was a lot work, but looking back on it, I am glad I did.

So, here is the deal on tagging you guys. I would love to tag you all and if you want to play. Go for it. I thought that the twist on the traditional tag would be fun. So, list your 7 interesting tidbits about you for the Motherhood tag.


Permission to Mother said...

Thanks for sharing your motherhood victories like VBAC without epidural and no ultrasound! Yeah!

Leisa said...

That is so funny, I have had a HSG test, infertility treatments to conceive Olivia, breastfed with a SNS style nurser with Liv for a while... So much in common..

Karen said...

I like the "twist" on the tag! We do have a lot in common... not only the 6 year wait... adoption on our hearts... but I too struggled with infertility. I had a laproscopy before getting pregnant and both children were concieved with fertility drugs. I know that the seed of adoption was planted at that time because during those times of "trying to get pregnant" I realized that the child didn't have to come from me... I just wanted to me a mom!

I wanted to give birth "naturally" with Emily but I was just too uptight and after 20 hours I gave in! Sadly after that I couldn't wait to have an epidural with the second one :)

I didn't use a SNS style nurser... but did breastfeed Emily for 1 year and Lane 18 months. :)

Christy said...

Since I work in this field I was (at least I thought) for about anything. 1) That was until an ultrasound gave us an estimated weight of 11-12 pounds. Therefore, like you, I've had both SVD and C/S. 2)My c/s was with my last and at 38.0 weeks he weighed in at 10 even. 3)I breastfed them all and pumped when at work. 4) I was one of 5 nurses on our until who delivered a boy within a six week time frame. 5)When my youngest traveled with Mark in the semi, Mark thawed and fed him expressed milk. 6) I drove my older boys to school 5 days after my c/s. 7) I never went into labor with any of my pregnancies...first two were postdates.

Annie said...

Cris - one thing that drew me to your blog from the beginning is your creative turn of mind. You must be the most amazing conversationalist! You come up with terribly interesting blog topics - and now a really cool twist on this meme. You are not only a sweet - but a CLEVER person, too. :)

Stacia said...

You can see my 7 motherhood tidbits on my blog.